A Wholesale Grower Serving Nurseries and Landscapers in Johannesburg

If you ever wondered where nurseries buy their stock, the likely answer is from wholesale growers like Windy Willows in the north of Johannesburg. However, since our farm-style operation also sells produce directly to the public, anyone who may choose to shop at our nursery will also be free to enjoy the benefit of some highly competitive prices.

With a selection of more than two hundred varieties of plant that includes shrubs, trees, groundcovers, perennials as well as numerous varieties of herbs, you should certainly find something that is just right for your garden among our collection of both indigenous and exotics. Your final choice however, must be based upon the type of soil available and the intended location for planting. While soil quality may be improved, the ratio of shade to direct sunlight is not always so readily controlled and it may be advisable to seek advice from our experts regarding what will best thrive in your little corner of Johannesburg rather than risk committing yourself to a possibly inappropriate selection.

One aspect of your choice that may be worth noting is that, not only do the indigenous varieties tend to be hardier and so require less watering and general care than the species more used to foreign climes, but they can also provide the garden enthusiast with a number of other significant advantages. Bearing in mind that these local species are not only native to South Africa but may also have been adapted to thrive in a specific region of the country, they can be used to attract birds and other wildlife species to your garden, both adding a further focus of interest and enhancing its overall natural beauty.

If you happen to be developing a new garden from scratch, then a visit to Windy Willows wholesale growers in the northern Johannesburg suburb of Honeydew could prove to be your best option by far. Our nursery carries extensive stock that includes everything from seedlings to shrubs and trees in various stages of growth. Making use of our landscaping advice will also ensure that the plants selected are suitable for your own garden; that the plants are correctly located either in sunny or shady areas, and that the large plants are placed at the back, and smaller ones in front, and that you garden will have colour throughout the year.

On a somewhat grander scale, should you be planning an event such as an expo or a gala dinner, a profusion of exotic plants can be the perfect way to generate the desired ambience or to create a colourful theme. At Windy Willows we strive continuously to maintain the highest quality produce so as to ensure unsurpassed value for money for both our domestic and our commercial buyers.

Conscious of the fact that we live in a semi-arid land, we also make a point of maintaining a range of drought-resistant (water-wise) species. As a result of their limited requirement, not only are they a less labour intensive choice but the reduced need for watering could reflect very positively on the size of your monthly water bill since the garden can account for anything up to 50% of your water consumption: Another good reason to pay a visit to Windy Willows wholesale growers in Johannesburg.


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