Affordable Landscaping Options for Everyone

Everyone wants to make the most of the largest investment they are likely to make throughout their entire lives – buying a home. This all begins with that vital first impression and what you see from the outside – ideally a beautifully landscaped garden.

Attractive Prime Property

Landscaping your garden not only increases the value of your investment, but also improves its appeal to prospective buyers when it is time to move elsewhere. Typically, estate agents advertise prime properties on their books by means of photographs, usually of the best exterior view, which includes a particularly attractive section of garden.

Eager Anticipation of More Pleasing Aspects

Many buyers indicate that they were first attracted by seeing a picture of the outdoor setting in general and the garden in particular.  This aspect creates a favourable impression and eager anticipation of what delights they might find inside the home, since obvious care has been taken with the well laid out outdoor area.

Enhance your Own Lifestyle

One normally effects home improvements to enhance one’s own lifestyle, rather than that of a buyer somewhere in the future, so why not take do so right now? South Africans are blessed with a wonderful climate which encourages outdoor living, even more so when the outdoor area becomes a lifestyle extension.

Because of the favourable climate and mild to hot weather, South African gardens enjoy a longer growing season than in many other parts of the world; they thrive without requiring huge amounts of effort. Providing you buy good quality, disease free plants from a reputable nursery, plant them in correct locations and water when necessary, you will enjoy nature’s bounty, right there on your own property.

Small Spaces

With today’s emphasis on security and the high cost of residential properties, numerous people are opting for smaller dwellings with compact gardens in gated communities. Contrary to common belief, small pocket-sized spaces are also ideal for landscaping, the perfect way to transform a tiny piece of land into a patch of paradise, appearing much larger than it actually is.

Landscaping Need Not be Expensive

Some have the impression that landscaping is very expensive and that it is reserved exclusively for the wealthy sector. Although it may be so in many cases, we have adopted an innovative approach which enables us to put professional landscaping services within the reach of most people, not only affluent, elite palatial property owners.

How We Make Landscaping Affordable

Here are only a few ways in which we at Windy Willows can help you to create your own little Garden of Eden:

  • Irrespective of which landscaper you engage, you will need to buy plants. We offer our home grown, top quality, healthy trees, shrubs and ground covers directly to the public (and industry) at wholesale prices. This includes exotic and indigenous plants and selected herb species.
  • You can receive free advice at our farm/nursery office.
  • Alternatively, we will consult with you on-site in your garden for 2 hours, where we will do a site evaluation and supply you with a rough sketch plan and list of what to plant and where, depending on your requirements and budget.
  • Around our area (Honeydew/West Rand/Northern Johannesburg), the consultation fee is R850 (excl. VAT) and R100 more for Midrand/East Rand/Vaal regions.
  • Depending on the amount spent on plants, your fee may be discounted by half or in full against your purchase.
  • Making use of our unique landscaping options is the most affordable way of surrounding your home with a beautiful garden for all seasons.

For more information about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.


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