Affordable Plants for Sale

At our plant growing farm and well-stocked nursery where we offer a comprehensive range of plants for sale at wholesale prices – directly to the public and the industry – we are fully aware that one person’s “affordable” may well be another’s “expensive”.

The concept of what is affordable and what is pricey is relative, usually according to one’s income, expenditure and lifestyle. As such, they vary greatly.

Everyone Loves a Bargain

Moreover, gardening is an activity which is universally loved and enjoyed by the majority of homeowners; it’s not exclusively the preserve of those who are very wealthy. The satisfying prospect of finding affordable plants offered for sale at bargain prices isn’t only restricted to people who are budget conscious by necessity either.

No Secret

Because our plants are so competitively priced across the board, we don’t keep our prices secret or hesitate to give cost indications elsewhere on our website. Prospective customers are free and most welcome to conduct a bit of research if they so wish, and compare our offerings with those of other suppliers.

Making Gardening More Accessible and Affordable

Currently, economic conditions in South Africa and much of the rest of the world are pretty tough for a lot of people, who increasingly find that they have to be more and more careful about spending money and sticking to budgets.

Our on-going competitive prices allow more customers to obtain more top-quality, healthy, home-grown plants for a lot less than would otherwise be possible. A beautiful garden and outdoor area adds considerably to the value of your largest investment – your home. It’s also the first thing of which prospective buyers take note when a property is put on sale.

Gardening is not only pleasurable, it’s healthy and therapeutic too, an excellent and rewarding outdoor activity, out in the fresh air and wonderful climate with which South Africans are blessed, as close to nature as one can get without leaving home.

Planning which plants to install where, tending to them, and watching them grow and thrive are immensely satisfying. It’s very rewarding to observe and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Tips to Cut Post-planting Costs

  • Replacing lawn in some areas with hardy ground covers, pavers and/or pebbles will reduce your water bill, the lawnmower’s electricity or petrol consumption, plus its wear and tear, and the time which you have to allocate to mowing.
  • Select water-wise plants wherever possible and avoid invader species at all costs, since the latter destroy the natural environment and usually tend to use far more water.
  • Keep in mind that alien/invader species and exotic plants are not one and the same.
  • Group species together which require similar maintenance, conditions, quantity of water and watering frequency.
  • Undertake companion planting to reduce cost and consumption of pesticides; it’s kinder to the environment too.
  • Avoid watering the garden during the heat of the day, when most of what you put down will evaporate. Preferably water very early in the morning or at sundown; your garden and your pocket will reap the benefits.
  • Pop in to our nursery to make your selection from amongst the variety of lovely, healthy and affordable plants which we offer for sale, all at highly competitive wholesale prices.


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