Spruce Up Your Yard With Our Trees For Sale

Need to Spruce Up Your Yard? Have a Look at Our Trees for Sale

Having a few trees in your garden can create a beautiful atmosphere, and add to the biodiversity. Choosing the right tree may be a little more complicated than one may think, but our experts at Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery are able to help you decide what kind of tree is best-suited to your garden. We grow a range of over 50 types of trees, so you will not be left wanting variety or options. Not all trees are alike, and our trained experts are always available to help you hunt for the perfect sapling.


Our trees on sale come in small, medium, and large sizes. The size of the trees you select is important, because it can affect the space you have in your garden. A very small tree may leave a large garden looking barren, while large trees usually have invasive root systems that cannot be planted too close to the foundation of a house, as they may cause damage. Assess and perhaps measure the space in your garden, to determine what size tree would work best.

Indigenous or Exotic

A lot of people opt for indigenous trees, because their presence in their area is the result of nature, rather than human intervention. This, along with the belief that exotic trees are invasive and use excessive amounts of water, can sometimes deter people from buying an exotic tree. However, this notion is false, and some exotic trees thrive very well in our local climate, without harming the plants around them or becoming hard to handle.

Deciduous or Evergreen

Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves seasonally, in Autumn and Winter. Evergreen trees are green and produce leaves year-round. Deciduous trees may be preferable in smaller yards, so that the sunlight is allowed to warm the house in the Winter months. Evergreen trees provide visual screening and constant shade, which is a good option for those who enjoy privacy from the neighbours.

Frost Tender or Hardy Trees

Consider the area in which you live before buying a tree. Frost tender trees struggle to cope in very cold temperatures, whereas hardy trees can withstand the cold winter months with little to no damage to the plant structure.

Full Sun or Semi-shade

To have a tree that grows to its full potential, has the right colour leaves, and flowers beautifully, you need to ensure that it is planted in the correct light. Some trees may find the African sun too harsh, while others flourish when soaking up as many warm rays as possible. Consider the set-up of your yard and where you would want to plant a tree, as this will help your sapling succeed.

Birds and Insects

Many trees are known to attract birds, bees, and butterflies. Fortunately, at Windy Willows, we have many of these trees for sale! Birds and insects can bring a garden to life, but many people with children and pets prefer not to plant trees that attract too many bees. Such a tree may produce lovely blossoms, but it would be wiser to keep it away from any recreational areas.

For more information on the trees we have for sale, download our pricelists or contact us for a special consultation.

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Looking for Professional Landscapers in Johannesburg? Windy Willows Is Here to Help

Whether or not you are a gardening fanatic, nobody can dispute the fact that a beautiful garden is aesthetically pleasing, and adds value to your property, especially in a city like Johannesburg. Designing a garden that looks good, and suits your practical needs, is not as easy as it may seem, as there are a lot of factors to consider. Many novices make the mistake of attempting this feat on their own – often wasting a lot of time and money on plans that fall through.

If you are located in or around Johannesburg, and are considering improving your garden space, Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery is here to help you. Here are some of the perks of considering professional landscapers for the job:


A complete overhaul of your garden is not a one-man job. It is also not for someone who does not have any experience with plants, yard design, planning, and the costs involved. Hiring landscapers with ample experience can ensure that you end up with a result that you like and find easy to maintain. Professionals can offer realistic insight into design plans, because they are knowledgeable in their field, and know what to look out for and what to avoid.

Plant Expertise

Not all plants and trees are the same. Without the proper expertise of professional landscapers, you may find yourself buying plants that will not survive where they are placed. Landscapers have done all of the research for you, and are able to advise on the following:

  • Seeding your lawn
  • Placement of plants that prefer sun or shade
  • Frost-sensitive plants
  • Plants that attract or repel certain types of birds and insects
  • The species of trees that may damage foundations, because of their invasive root systems
  • Preparation of flower beds and what to add to the soil
  • How many of a certain type of plant can be added

Space Design

Utilising the space you have in your yard, in the correct way, is the best way to create your ideal garden. Our professional landscapers know how to create order and harmony out of a once-messy garden. By using the right trees, flowers, and vegetation, a small garden can look bigger than it is, and a cluttered yard can be revamped to have ample space for recreation.

Project Planning to Suit Your Budget

Planning your dream garden space can be an expensive venture in Johannesburg, as you may not have any of the right tools or equipment at your disposal. When working with experienced landscapers, you are able to determine your budget, and save the time and energy you would have spent struggling through all of the logistics on your own.

Windy Willows Wholesale Nursery is a great option if you are looking for the help of professional landscapers in and around Johannesburg. We offer free landscaping advice to members of the public, or a more in-depth two-hour consultation at an affordable price. Download some of our price lists or contact us for more information.

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Beating Droughts and Saving Water – Rain Water Harvesting

As landscapers with our own plant growing and retail nursery, we supply the industry and public with top-quality plants, and we also offer expert landscaping services. As such, we’re only too aware of the adverse effects of annual droughts, water outages, and water scarcity and restrictions, as well as the dire need to save and use water wisely.

We encourage our Gauteng clients to collect and utilise what nature supplies for free – rain water harvesting. We’ve designed and developed highly efficient, effective, and practical rain water harvesting systems, which we install at our clients’ premises. The systems are exclusive to Windy Willows.

The recent water crisis in the Western Cape has made the rest of the country, including those of us in Gauteng, sit up and take note, teaching us an invaluable lesson and providing a heightened awareness about maximising available water and saving this precious commodity. What is happening in the Cape can also happen to those of us who live in Gauteng. It almost did during 2015/16.

It’s Up to Us

Windy Willows offers three rain water harvesting/conservation/water-supply back-up systems, each having incrementally more adaptations and functions than the unit that precedes it. Extra modifications to extend water supply options are also available. The installation is not a DIY job, but is performed by Windy Willows, and all systems start with and include the Basic Unit – a rain water harvesting/tank.

The Basic Unit

  • The basic unit includes the following features:
  • A level concrete base to hold and raise the tank’s outlet fitting at a sufficient height above ground to allow for the placement of a container in which to decant water.
  • A rainwater tank (1 000 or 2 500 litres) connected to a gutter downpipe via a 110-mm tank filling pipe.
  • A leaf catcher/debris filter at the top of the filling pipe.
  • A ball valve for a non-pressurised water outlet.

The Intermediate Unit

This rain water harvesting system is supplemented by municipal water when it doesn’t rain. It includes:

  • Everything as above, but the system requires the use of a 2 500-ℓ tank.
  • Piping from the municipal feed into the tank.
  • An adjustable electronic float valve, ensuring that the tank is always full.

Advanced System

Our advanced system provides you with even more comprehensive functions, such as a connection to a garden irrigation or sprinkler system. This system includes:

  • The elements of the Intermediate Unit form the basis for this system.
  • A pressure pump generating enough pressure to operate an irrigation/sprinkler system in the garden.

Optional Extra Modification

If you want the “Rolls Royce” of rain water harvesting systems that feeds saved water to your home when there’s a water outage in your area, our Advanced Unit, with the inclusion of this optional modification, ensures that you have your own pressurised water supply, piped directly from your tank – saving water, managing annual drought conditions, and beating water outages.

It’s up to all of us to make the most of saving water and rain water, and managing how and when we use it – in times of annual drought or outages of municipal water, as a cost saving initiative, or when your garden is parched. Purchase one of our rain water harvesting systems for your convenience, peace of mind, the environment, and an on-going supply of an essential, life-giving resource.

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Use Landscaping Planners for New Gardens in Johannesburg

It’s not every homeowner who has the time, inclination, knowledge, and creativity to plan a new garden. The garden may need to be planned completely from scratch for a brand-new home.

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Increase the Value of Your Johannesburg Property with the Help of Professional Landscapers

Are you on the fence about putting your Johannesburg property on the market, or are you just dipping your toe in the water? While it is no secret that 2017 was a bad year for South Africa’s property market, from growing reports of state capture, lack of economic growth, and downgraded credit ratings to a severely affected currency, 2018 is forecasted to be the best year of the last four or five.

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Eco-Friendly Garden Landscaping Ideas Guaranteed to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space into an eco-friendly retreat? With summer on its way out and with winter on the horizon, if there is one thing we have learned over the summer months, it is that water should be used sparingly. If you are looking to transform your outdoor space into an eco-friendly sanctuary, then you are going to love our low maintenance garden landscaping ideas.

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Water-Wise Ground Covers for Protecting Soil

One of the country’s biggest problems right now is the fact that the Western Cape is in the midst of a serious water crisis. Not only is each individual limited to 50 litres of water a day, but the days of green polished lawns with lush rose gardens are long gone. Predictions from climate change suggest that even more trying conditions can be expected, and that the likelihood of water demands exceeding supply in Gauteng is not far from being a reality, just like the city of Cape Town.
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Evergreen Trees for Sale: How They Can Benefit Your Landscape

The new buzzword on everyone’s lips this year is “water-wise”. With the Western Cape in the midst of one of the worst droughts ever recorded in South African history, provinces throughout South Africa are finally waking up to the fact that water is a valuable commodity, and no province is immune to the possibility of drought. Whether you reside in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal or Gauteng, if you are looking to create a sustainable, water-wise garden, then start with evergreen trees.
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Brighten up Your Garden with a Wonderful Range of Plants for Sale in Johannesburg

Have you ever walked passed a nursery and saw the most beautiful colourful blooms, but thought that there is no way you can afford to buy these beauties? To put it to you simply, this labour intensive beautiful, colourful blooms have probably taken many full moons of TLC to get it to this size, so if you can afford it, buy it because it is worth it!
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The Top Most Affordable and Inspiring Garden Landscaping Ideas for 2018

Are you looking to design your dream home landscape? Lucky for you, when it comes to gardening ideas of 2018, we’ve compiled some affordable and inspiring landscaping ideas that are sweeping South African homes by storm. While setting up a colourful rose garden, installing a super flashy water feature and an over-scaled chess game, will make an unforgettable impression (if you happen to live in the swanky suburb of Sandhurst), our simple, affordable and inspiring landscaping ideas are not only guaranteed to spice up your home, but they also add significant value to your property.
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