Evergreen Trees for Sale: How They Can Benefit Your Landscape

The new buzzword on everyone’s lips this year is “water-wise”. With the Western Cape in the midst of one of the worst droughts ever recorded in South African history, provinces throughout South Africa are finally waking up to the fact that water is a valuable commodity, and no province is immune to the possibility of drought. Whether you reside in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal or Gauteng, if you are looking to create a sustainable, water-wise garden, then start with evergreen trees.
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Brighten up Your Garden with a Wonderful Range of Plants for Sale in Johannesburg

Have you ever walked passed a nursery and saw the most beautiful colourful blooms, but thought that there is no way you can afford to buy these beauties? To put it to you simply, this labour intensive beautiful, colourful blooms have probably taken many full moons of TLC to get it to this size, so if you can afford it, buy it because it is worth it!
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The Top Most Affordable and Inspiring Garden Landscaping Ideas for 2018

Are you looking to design your dream home landscape? Lucky for you, when it comes to gardening ideas of 2018, we’ve compiled some affordable and inspiring landscaping ideas that are sweeping South African homes by storm. While setting up a colourful rose garden, installing a super flashy water feature and an over-scaled chess game, will make an unforgettable impression (if you happen to live in the swanky suburb of Sandhurst), our simple, affordable and inspiring landscaping ideas are not only guaranteed to spice up your home, but they also add significant value to your property.
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Plants for Sale at Low Prices

Lower Priced Plants Under Windy Willows’ Shade Cloth Canopies

There’s an oft used saying: “Everyone (or everything) has its price”. This saying is usually used to denote that virtually everything may be sold, providing that the price is sufficiently high or high enough to ensure that the conclusion of the sale is completely irresistible to a reluctant seller. Continue reading

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Plant Nurseries in Johannesburg

A First-Class Plant Nursery, Well-Rooted in Johannesburg

An internet search, using keywords like “plant nurseries Johannesburg”, quickly reveals that there are numerous such nurseries listed; prominently among them, you’ll find our Johannesburg wholesale plant nursery – Windy Willows. Continue reading

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Ground Cover Plants

Generous Characteristics of Ground Cover Plants

For decades or longer, people have been using all types of covers for untold numbers of reasons and purposes. For instance, car covers ensure that the vehicle is kept neat, attractive and dust-free, keeping the body and paintwork protected from the elements. Swimming pool covers prevent children from coming to harm by drowning, minimise the time and effort spent on pool maintenance and the costs thereof, while preventing water evaporation. The question now is: what will ground cover plants do for your garden? Why should you plant these low growing species? Continue reading

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Plant Nursery Johannesburg

Time to Purchase Wholesale Nursery Plants

The final days of 2017 are drawing ever nearer, a time when most people take their annual leave. It is also the perfect time to get stuck into your garden, either putting in new plants, replacing those that are past their prime, relocating plants that don’t mind being moved and need a new spot, or tidying up in general. Continue reading

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Plant Nurseries

One of Gauteng’s Most Affordable Customer-Centric Plant Nurseries

South Africans love the outdoors and they love their gardens, regardless of how large and sprawling, or small and modest they may be. For a long time, Gauteng gardens were almost all spacious by today’s standards, but as urbanisation increased and land became more expensive, property and garden sizes decreased gradually.

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Summer Garden Landscaping Ideas

Garden Landscaping Ideas for Summer

Even though South Africa is known worldwide as “sunny South Africa” and justifiably so, this country’s summertime is truly a special season. As a nation that loves the outdoors, sports, braaivleis, and leisurely weekends spent in the garden, around the swimming pool, or on a sports field, South Africans have no equal, except perhaps, but only maybe, occasionally – the Australians.

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Garden Landscaping Services Johannesburg

Professional Landscaping Services May Be “Free” in Johannesburg 

In Johannesburg, and elsewhere in major cities and centres throughout South Africa and worldwide, one expects all types of products and services to cost more. This applies as much to the cost of lemons, as it does to garden landscaping services. Continue reading

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