How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

When a person enquires how much a product or service costs, the price of the item or the item itself has piqued their curiosity. He or she may simply have an enquiring mind; they may be interested in acquiring the product or service, or they may be under the impression that it’s possibly beyond their means, too expensive to be affordable without incurring a debt that will have to be serviced. Continue reading

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Spring Garden Design Tips

Design Tips for Your Spring Garden

A sense of renewal and anticipation begins to build in mid to late August in the hearts and minds of South African gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. Officially, the first day of spring, the 1st of September, is around the corner again, followed shortly thereafter by the sunny summers for which this country is known around the world. Continue reading

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Trees for Sale to the Public

Trees for Sale to the Public in Honeydew

If you have some garden space available that you would like to fill, perhaps you should make it a family project to plant a few trees. You can never have too many trees. After all, they are essential to our survival. Also, with a selection of trees, your garden can truly be transformed. Of course, when it comes to choosing and planting trees, some time and attention should be focussed on the best type of trees for your specific garden. Continue reading

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Garden Design Services

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space with Our Professional Garden Design Services

If you have a dream garden in mind, but don’t quite have the skills, knowledge and equipment to truly bring it to life, you could benefit greatly from our garden design services at Windy Willows. If you’ve envied your friends’ and neighbours’ outdoor spaces that seem to be perfectly manicured and pristine all year round, it’s time to ensure the very same lifestyle improvement for yourself. Continue reading

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Garden Landscaping Ideas

Garden Landscaping Ideas from Your Local Nursery

If you’re thinking of installing a brand-new garden, you are bound to be looking around for the best landscaping ideas. You will find that indigenous landscapes are popular in South Africa, and that’s because we are lucky enough to have such a diverse array of plants to choose from, and of course, the fact that indigenous gardens are just so much easier to maintain and care for. Continue reading

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Nurseries Near Honeydew

Visit Nurseries Near Honeydew in Winter & Spruce Up Your Garden

It’s winter, and for many people, this means that their lush gardens take a back seat until the warmer weather and nourishing rains make an appearance again, but this is where people go wrong. Winter is a great time to visit your local nursery and prep your garden for all the growing it’s going to be doing in the months that follow the cold season. As one of a few top nurseries near Honeydew, we are often advising clients to be just as active in their garden maintenance in winter, as they are during the rest of the year. And we will tell you why. Continue reading

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Have Fun Creating a New Garden Bed with Shrubs

Creating a garden bed can be a very rewarding project, and because it requires ongoing effort and maintenance, it can very well be a gratifying hobby too. If it’s time to give your garden a bit of a spruce up, or create a whole new garden altogether, you might consider buying a few new shrubs to assist in the process. Continue reading

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Trees for Sale Johannesburg

All the Many Trees for Sale in Johannesburg

We all know that trees are essential to our lives. Trees produce oxygen, which is a requirement for life, but we also use them for so much more than that. For many, trees are essential for their lives and lifestyles. The child that spends its youth climbing a tree to see the views beyond will certain appreciate the tree for more than just oxygen. Continue reading

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Plant Nursery

When You’re Ready to Plant, Which Nursery Should You Choose?

It may well be that, like many busy South Africans today, you are more than happy to stock your garden from the section of your local hypermarket devoted to gardening and the sale of its related products. On the other hand, among those for whom gardening is not merely an additional domestic chore, but a pleasurable hobby, or even a passion, a visit to a specialised plant nursery is more likely to satisfy their particular needs. Apart from the fact that few resellers have sufficient space in which to maintain the same degree of diversity as the growers, the conditions within the average store are also far less conducive to the ongoing health of those species for which the reseller does have sufficient space. Continue reading

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Wholesale Nursery Johannesburg

Why Not Visit a Wholesale Nursery in Johannesburg This Weekend?

Whether its basic aim is to serve the retail or the wholesale market, a visit to a well-stocked nursery in Johannesburg, or any large city, can be so much more than a simple shopping expedition. When your destination is chosen with care, a few hours spent surrounded by colourful plants and rich greenery offers a chance to escape to the country without the need to travel too far from the comforts of suburbia. Indeed, some of the larger operations act more as garden centres and seek to combine an oasis of natural beauty within a complex devoted not just to gardening, but also to catering for the many ways in which South Africans love to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and to adorn both the interior and outside areas of their homes. Continue reading

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