Garden Design

The Top 2 South African Sustainable Trends in Garden Design

It’s no secret that South Africa is in the midst of a drought. In fact, many parts of South Africa has been put under strict water restrictions. For this very reason, many businesses, commercial developments, and homeowners have had to turn to more sustainable ways of keeping their outdoor space green, productive, and highly functional. Continue reading

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Wholesale Nursery Gauteng

Four Remarkable Water-Wise Herbs to Look Out for at our Nursery in Gauteng

It’s no secret that Gauteng is experiencing a severe drought. In fact, things are so bad that most parts of Gauteng have fallen foul to strict water restrictions during the latter half of 2016. With taps running low, many people have replaced their greenery with more sustainable groundcovers such as rocks and pebbles. Continue reading

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Nursery Plants Johannesburg

The Top 4 Year-Round Plants to Consider at Windy Willows Nursery in Johannesburg

Do you have a big garden that needs some serious TLC? There is something exquisite about being in nature. In fact, even spending time outdoors in your own backyard can greatly benefit your quality of life. Yes, working with plants and nature can be therapy, and studies have even proved that flowers generate happiness. Owing to feelings of compassion, research shows that people who spend extended periods around plants not only laugh more, but they tend to have better relationships with themselves and with others. And if that’s not enough, gardening increases energy levels, improves mental vitality, relieves stress levels, and improves memory performance and attention span. If you have a garden that could do with some colour, scent, and vitality, now is the time to start filling it with plants. Not sure what to buy or where to buy them? Here are the Top 4 year-round plants that you can find at Windy Willows nursery in Johannesburg: Continue reading

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Landscaping Johannesburg

Three Landscaping Ideas That Can Get Your Johannesburg Property Summer-Ready

Looking to put your house on the market, or to turn your outdoor space into a summer oasis that you and your entire family can enjoy? As a prominent area that says a lot about your lifestyle, your outdoor space has the power to both increase the value of your property and provide a useful and functional area for your entire family to enjoy. But if you’ve never tackled landscaping before, then it’s very easy to be overwhelmed. Are you at a loss for ideas? We have three landscaping ideas that can get your Johannesburg property summer-ready: Continue reading

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Garden Irrigation

Going Water Wise with a Garden Irrigation System

Do you want to transform your garden landscape into a sustainable and eco-friendly outdoor space this summer? With summer fast approaching and with Gauteng currently in the midst of a serious water crisis, it’s important to conserve as much of this precious resource as possible. Fortunately, with greener lifestyles becoming a major priority worldwide, South Africa is fast witnessing a water-wise movement towards eco-friendly landscapes. Continue reading

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Wholesale Grower in Johannesburg

A Wholesale Grower in Johannesburg Ideal for Landscapers, Developers, and Retailers

Have you been looking for a wholesale grower in Johannesburg that can offer you just about every type of plant, shrub, tree, perennial, groundcover, herb, as well as plugs that can be bought as grow-ons or for mass planting? Then you have come to the right place. Continue reading

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Groundcover Supplier

A Wholesale Groundcover Supplier in Johannesburg that Stocks Over 60 Groundcovers

Are you searching for a drought-resistant groundcover supplier in the Johannesburg area? In the midst of the worst drought since 1992, Gauteng is fast running out of water, and as the shortage of water becomes a more pressing issue, along with stringent water regulations, many landscapers, homeowners, and businesses with large outdoor spaces are turning their attention to drought-resistant groundcovers, and for very good reason. Continue reading

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Wholesale Growing Nursery

Tips From a Leading Wholesale Growing Nursery to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready

Spring is in full swing, which means summer is at our doorstep. Whether you are dreaming of an outdoor oasis filled with birds, bees and butterflies, or a garden filled with a bounty of vegetables and herbs, the time to start getting your garden summer-ready is now. As the leading wholesale growing nursery in Johannesburg that have been helping businesses and homeowners develop and beautify their outdoor spaces for years, here are our top four summer-ready garden tips: Continue reading

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Garden Nurseries in Johannesburg

Develop Your Outdoor Space with One of the Leading Garden Nurseries in Johannesburg 

Are you putting your home on the market and looking for garden nurseries in Johannesburg to help you increase its value? Are you looking to enhance and transform your dull outdoor space? Every homeowner dreams of an outdoor oasis filled with colourful ornamentals, trees and edibles; not only can it provide a useful and functional area that the entire family can enjoy, but a beautiful outdoor space filled with trees, plants and herbs can increase the value of a property by up to 20%. It can also accelerate the buying process by as much as six weeks. Continue reading

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Why Plants Need Fertiliser

Have you been busily at work in your garden and learning a lot about nature, soil, plant growth and permaculture? Gardening is exciting and with so many beautiful things to grow at our fingertips, not only does it teach patience, but gardening is one of nature’s most incredible healers of anxiety and stress. If you are new to gardening, you are probably wondering why plants need fertiliser. Simply put, fertiliser is plant food, and just as humans need protein, carbohydrates and fats in order to survive, plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in order to survive. Yes, just like us, plants also have three basic food groups and mineral requirements. As the elements that make up fertiliser, with each playing a fundamental role in plant nutrition, here’s how fertiliser benefits plants: Continue reading

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