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Do Not Miss Our Monthly Specials

Looking for Plants for Sale? Windy Willows is a wholesale nursery that offers over 300 different species of trees, plants, flowers, perennials, ground covers, vegetables, and selected herbs for sale. We also have a number of services to choose from, … Continue reading

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Botanical Plant Nursery

Windy Willows Wholesale Plant Nursery Caters to All Your Botanical Needs When it comes to shopping for your garden, wholesale prices are not easy to come by. These days, the markup on most plants is ridiculously high, and buying flowers, … Continue reading

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Evergreen Trees for Sale: How They Can Benefit Your Landscape

The new buzzword on everyone’s lips this year is “water-wise”. With the Western Cape in the midst of one of the worst droughts ever recorded in South African history, provinces throughout South Africa are finally waking up to the fact … Continue reading

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Plant Nursery

Buying Your Plants from a Plant Nursery If you are looking to add life to your backyard, you can easily accomplish this by visiting a plant nursery. There you will find a variety of plants, lawn types, and trees that … Continue reading

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Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses haven’t been so popular since the Victorian Age. Dozens of ornamental grasses are now available, and new forms are being added each year. The reasons for this astonishing rise in popularity appear to centre around the practical, as … Continue reading

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