Dream Designs for your Unique Garden

Some of the most desirable items on the market today are those which are unique and more than usually aesthetically pleasing by virtue of the fact that they have been exclusively created, and so it is too in respect of garden design.

Having a well-designed garden involves much more than planting lawn, a few trees, shrubs, annual or perennial flowers and filling empty spaces with ground covers. Even though all these plants may be incorporated in a landscaped garden, the art of design lies in how and where they are placed and how well they are combined as a whole.


Just as you would not build a house without the services of professional experts, such as an architect and quantity surveyor, you should not lay out a garden without the input or knowledge of an experienced and talented landscaper, who will draw up a plan before any actual work can commence.

They will also calculate how many plants you will need and how many of each should be purchased. The success of a well-designed garden is highly dependent on the quality of the plan and an in-depth knowledge of plants best suited to your area and the effect you wish to create.

Prior to drawing up a plan, they would either have to undertake a site visit or alternatively require a description of the property, with details such as its size, location, where the dwelling and other features are situated and the direction in which the property faces.

Furthermore, the professional garden designer/landscaper would need to know the property’s elevation and slope, the effect you desire and the type and style of garden you prefer, what you would like to incorporate and last but not least – how much you wish to spend.

Successful Design Characteristics

There are several universal characteristics shared by all good, successful designs, inclusive of gardens.

  • Functional and useful – you must be able to make good use of the product or area, which should perform the function/s for which it is intended. Good garden design enables you to camouflage less pleasing aspects, minimise noise and provide natural break from weather elements such as high wind.
  • Creative, innovative and unique – your outdoor space will reflect all of these aspects if professionally executed.
  • Emphasises features and creates focal points without being fussy.
  • Adds to your lifestyle quality and is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Simple maintenance – you do not want to become a slave to your garden’s maintenance.
  • Eco-friendly – plants are an essential part of earth’s natural environment and perform vital functions. The modern trend in South Africa incorporates indigenous plants and/or those which are water-wise.
  • Good, classic design does not date and will provided you with as much pleasure in years to come as it does today.
  • Although custom design often costs more, we have created an innovative method of offering our clients an outstanding garden design service which is unique and affordable.

Revamp or Start from Scratch

When you have decided to add extra excitement to your outdoor area by partially or totally revamping this area or you are moving into a brand new, newly built home and have to establish a garden from scratch, we invite you to contact us. You are also welcome to visit our wholesale nursery to have a chat about your dream garden design, and we will show you the way – professionally and affordably.


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