Easy Ground Covers for Your Garden

The Top 7 Low-Maintenance, Easy Ground Covers for Your Garden

Struggling with a high-maintenance, out-of-control lawn that you can’t keep up with? While most people are under the impression that gardening is all about growing some lawn here and planting some trees there, they couldn’t be more mistaken. An art and science that involves creating and constructing a living, scenic and functional outdoor environment – gardening is hard work and demands skills, expertise, stamina and patience.

While there are some people who can’t think of anything better than spending their weekends weeding, pruning, watering and mowing the lawn, there are others that loathe the idea. Yes, gardening is hard work, especially if you don’t have the time or energy. Fortunately, there are problem solvers such as ground covers.

Ground Covers are the New Green

Considered as the new green, ground covers can easily transform any outdoor space into a beautiful, low-maintenance show area. Not only do they fill in where other plants won’t grow, but they are also an excellent alternative for high-maintenance lawns that require a lot of water. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right type of ground cover for your garden? As one of the leading nurseries in Johannesburg, we’ve got 7 low-maintenance, easy ground covers for your garden that are guaranteed to smell beautiful, look amazing and demand very little attention all year round.

#1 Arctotis Hybrid (African Daisies) – native to dry stony slopes in southern Africa, African daisies are incredibly hardy, water resistant, easy to transplant, and beautiful to look at. Flaunting bold, beautiful foliage and large coloured flowers with bright contrasting centres, this is a ground cover that will multiply very fast and bloom in early spring to midsummer.

#2 Asystasia Gangetica (Creeping Foxglove) – attractive, extremely hardy and fast growing, creeping foxglove is the most rewarding and friendliest of all the ground covers. A small cream flower that resembles a foxglove – this gorgeous ground cover is an absolute must for a butterfly-friendly garden.

#3 Echeveria Runyonii (Topsy Turvy) – a gorgeous powdery-blue succulent boasting flowerlike rosette with leaves that curve backwards, this drought-resistant ground cover thrives in both sun and shade, and is excellent for gardens with clay-like dry soil.

#4 Mentha Requienii (Corsican Mint) – a dynamic mint-scented ornamental ground cover that spreads super-fast, this ground cover is both fairly easy to propagate and transplant, and will look beautiful around pavers.

#5 Dietes Grandiflora (Wild Iris) – a natural pollinator, the large wild iris is a beautiful indigenous evergreen ground cover that is often used in large landscapes. A ground cover that produces long, rigid, sword-shaped leaves with attractive large flowers that can be found in white, with yellow and violet central segments, this is an excellent ground cover that stays strong all year round.

#6 Trachelospermum Jasminoides (Star Jasmine) – mostly used as climbers, this beautifully fragranced versatile shrub is also widely used as a ground cover to replace grass. Mostly popular for its mesmerising scent, it is also drought resistant and looks good all year round.

#7 Ophiopogon Nigrescens (Black Mondo Grass) – a grass-like foliage perennial moderate grower that blooms in midsummer, this black ground cover grows in little tufts and produces pink, purple and white bell-shaped flowers.

There you have it, 7 easy ground covers for your garden that are guaranteed to do an excellent job in replacing your lawn, as well as yield beauty, colour and fragrance, all year round. Give us a call at Windy Willows for more information and to purchase these low-maintenance ground covers.


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