First-rate Plants for Sale at Wholesale Prices

On weekends, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, one invariably comes across dozens of roadside vendors, many of whom offer plants for sale. They may be independent persons, just trying to make a living, or they and their bagged foliage may have been dropped off by a superior, for the same reason.

It is highly unlikely that these vendors will know what the origin is of the plants which they are displaying for sale on the verge of the road, and even less so whether or not their offerings are pest-free and of healthy stock. That is simply a chance you take when buying from them. If or when your purchase fails to establish itself or grow, it is simply too late and you have wasted your money and time spent digging, fertilising and putting it in the soil.

Advantages of Buying from our Nursery

At our nursery, you will find that most of the plants on sale have been propagated by our experts from carefully selected stock, cuttings or seed. From the moment that the first sign of greenery shoots and sprouts above the ground, each little one is cared for and tended with utmost care.

By the time our shrubs, saplings, ground covers, annuals and perennials are ready to be put on display, you can rest assured that they are disease- and pest-free, representing the best of each species, which you can buy with confidence – at wholesale prices too.

Recognise Healthy Plants on Sale

First and foremost, a healthy specimen has a good, healthy overall appearance, which should be immediately obvious. However, if you do not know much about gardening, a basic guideline should be helpful.

  • If flower bearing, check that blossoms are not drooping and wilted, buds are plentiful and unwanted insect infestation is not present behind the petals.
  • Blooms are also helpful if you are looking for a particular colour to incorporate in your garden.
  • Leaves should be crisp, shiny, undamaged and free of pests and disease, some of which may also only be apparent on the reverse side of leaves. Unless you are selecting a plant with a variegated leaf, colour and surface should be bright and uniform.
  • Trees and shrubs should have a straight trunk/stem with unbroken branches growing evenly around this central trunk – the bushier the better, with clear signs of new growth at the tips of branches.
  • If potting soil or compost in the bag or pot has dried out, it is probably indicative of improper care and inadequate watering.
  • Growth of moss on the soil’s surface may be as a result of over watering or lack of nutrition, both of which are not beneficial for the root system and overall plant health.
  • Surrounding weed growth may spread to the rest of your garden.
  • Roots should fill the container, but not to the extent that the item is root bound. Inadequate root growth may be a sign that the plant is still too small to be successfully relocated.
  • If surrounding specimens are attractive and have a healthy appearance, it is likely that your selection will be so too.
  • When buying grass from the side of the road, the biggest challenge is to ensure that it is weed-free. Buying from a reputable supplier means that you have some come-back, but when you buy grass in squares, which is full of weeds, you can expect a lifetime of problems.

Wholesale to the Public and Industry

At our nursery, we have it all, from trees, shrubs, creepers, hedging species, annuals, perennials, herbs, plugs, ground covers, indigenous and exotic, tropical and water wise plants, each and every one offered for sale at wholesale prices to the public and within our industry.


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