Garden Landscaping

Why opt for Garden Landscaping?

Many people may want to ask: Why should I landscape my garden? If you have just moved into a new development which has been stripped bare of all plants and trees by the developers, then this is not a question you would ask. Garden landscaping is an essential unless you enjoy living in a desert. Developers start off by levelling the terrain, thereby removing all growing plants. In order to enjoy your environment you would at the very least want to start by placing some trees in strategic spots to provide you with shade in summer and to cool off the house. An astute landscaper would advise deciduous trees for most small gardens as these provide the necessary shade in summer and allow the sun through in winter to warm the house (since deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter). Another important landscaping issue is that for small complexes, large trees block out the sun not only for your house, but for your neighbour as well.

Once the trees have been located the next issue is creating some flower beds. An important issue in garden landscaping is how you want to use your garden. If you have young kids you probably want to leave some space for lawn to allow the kids to run around and kick a ball or play with their dolls outside. The allocation of space between garden and lawn is an important decision which changes as families grow. Space for a jungle gym, where parents can keep a watchful eye on the kids, is another important consideration.

Once the general layout has been decided, the next important garden landscaping decision is what plants to put in the flower beds. Shade loving plants for under the trees; sun loving plants for between the trees. Succulents should be grouped together with plants that do not need much water allowing for the creation of a water wise garden.

Landscaping is all about the creation of pleasing environments. The plants should flower at different times of the year creating interest all year round. Attention should be paid to winter flowering plants to balance the stark look of the deciduous trees. Another important consideration in garden landscaping is the height that plants will grow to. Placing small, sun loving plants at the back of the bed where they will be dwarfed by large shrubs is an expensive mistake that can be avoided by securing the services of a suitably trained garden landscaper.

Another important consideration is the safety of young children. Not all plants are safe to eat. Identifying the poisonous plants and eliminating them from gardens used by young children is another important reason to bring in a knowledgeable person to do the garden landscaping. Far better to eliminate the dangerous plants than risk the lives of your children.

A final issue is that frisky puppy that your children love so much. Young puppies, like young children, are very difficult to control. A newly dug up garden with sweet smelling compost, and the scent of the bone meal used as a fertiliser is far too tantalising for a young puppy to ignore. Hundreds of Rands of expensive clivias can be destroyed in a few minutes of innocent fun as the puppy frolics through the garden. There are two solutions to the puppy problem (other than reverting back to the dessert look); either fence off certain sections of the garden where the puppy can play and put only hardy or large plants in this section, or fence the whole garden with a fence that can keep the puppy out. Pet protection will be dealt with in more detail in a subsequent posting.


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