Garden Landscaping

Unfortunately, no one really knows what the Garden of Eden looked like, but there’s no reason why you cannot create your own paradise with the capable assistance and guidance of a competent landscaping service provider.

It’s safe to assume that this first-known reference to gardens must have included everything in nature which is magnificent and bountiful – diverse plant species, an abundance of animal species which roamed there, kind weather patterns and a mild climate, and a pure and plentiful water supply, elements which are inspirational, typifying a perfect landscape.

The Garden of Eden and the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon are said to have been located in ancient Mesopotamia (now Iraq), between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.


Landscaping has been described as the art of creating an ornamental outdoor space or area, executed according to a predefined plan. It’s a combination of man’s innovative artistic abilities and nature, akin to creating a living work of art with plants and foliage, instead of using a canvas, brush and paints.

For a long time, many people had the perception that landscaping was elitist, something which only the most affluent people or organisations, such as royalty, nobility, wealthy merchants, governments or owners of prestigious public gardens, could afford.

The reasons for this perception probably stem from the old practice of displaying one’s wealth and civilised status by having the vast gardens of one’s grand estate landscaped in a high-maintenance formal, often geometric style, following basic architectural principles.

Well Within Reach

Our unique business model places expert landscaping services well within reach; you don’t have to have huge amounts of money to be able to afford a stunning, professionally planned landscaped garden. In fact, your private, on-site 2-hour consultation may be completely “free of charge”, since you can recover the entire fee through your purchase of plants of R11 000* or more – at wholesale prices. Please note that the cost for consultation in the Johannesburg area is R925* (excl. VAT) and R995* (excl. VAT) for households located in the East Rand, Midrand or Centurion; unfortunately we do not offer landscaping services further afield than this.

After establishing your likes, dislikes and requirements, and viewing your terrain, taking note of existing features and/or challenges, the landscaper draws up a rough plan of the envisaged new design and also provides you with a list of what plants to buy, how many of each and where to install them (to obtain the most pleasing effect in conditions which best suit the plants).

You undertake the actual planting, according to the plan – a great cost saving. However, should you wish to engage our gardeners to do planting for you, this can be arranged at an additional fee.

Some Landscaping Styles

  • Informal English country gardens – typically seen in England, seemingly almost haphazardly planted.
  • Japanese – typically depicting calming wave patterns, patiently raked into fine pebbles or sand.
  • Tropical – lush gardens, featuring many shades of verdant green and an abundance of tropical plants, such as coco, date and other palms, clivias, ferns, tree ferns, delicious monsters, azaleas and arum lilies, to mention only certain plants.
  • Classical, formal styles – the gardens at Versailles are good examples of this meticulously planned, high-maintenance design.
  • Your very own, uniquely individual and personal garden style, exclusively designed for you on site by one of our landscaping specialists.

*Prices are subject to change.


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