Garden Landscaping Ideas for 2016

Presenting Great Garden Landscaping Ideas in 2016

Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2016 on the night of the 31st December, just as millions of other people across the world did? Alternatively, have you already given up on them or don’t you undertake such intentions at all?

Some of the most frequently uttered resolutions undoubtedly include losing weight, being more patient in peak hour traffic, quitting smoking, starting an exercise regime and staying with it, adopting a more balanced, healthy lifestyle and/or saving money wherever possible.

The New Year represents a new beginning, a fresh start and an easily remembered chronological opportunity to improve some aspect of one’s life or something which could do with an enhancement, perhaps in an area with which one is dissatisfied. Maybe your primary resolution focuses on attending to tasks which have been put on the back burner, repeatedly.

Time for Garden Innovations

Whatever the case may be, the beginning of the year is the ideal time to free one’s mind and come up with novel, imaginative ideas to beautify your primary leisure area – your garden, consequently improving the value and appeal of your home.

South Africans are fortunate to have wonderful weather virtually throughout the year, except for approximately two or so cold winter months. Your outdoor spaces always offer ample room to express your creativity in a variety of ways, all enjoyable, relaxing, peaceful and tranquil.

Fresh Perspectives

Seasoned, avid gardens are unanimous – there’s always room for improvement, be it by introducing new plants, adapting and adopting a new theme, focal point or feature, and in the drought-ravaged summer months of 2015-16, converting part or most of the entire exterior area into one which is water wise.

Moreover, many enthusiasts begin to plan their winter planting well ahead of the cold months, so it makes further, perfect sense to consider installing species which are hardy and do well with minimal watering. This does not mean that you’ll be creating a semi-desert, featuring only a few succulents, around your home.

All this may sound daunting to a novice gardener or owners of brand new properties, which are completely devoid of an established garden, possibly featuring only a rudimentary lawn, hastily installed by a developer prior to departure from site.

Time to Call a Landscaper

This is the ideal time to get professional help from a qualified, experienced landscaper. You may be under the impression that landscaping services are very expensive and unaffordable for the “man in the street”. Not so.

We are a reputable wholesale nursery with our own plant-growing facilities on the northwest side of Johannesburg, and we have placed professional landscaping services well within the reach of virtually everyone who desires a dream garden in 2016, be it water wise, indigenous, exotic, tropical or other.

For a modest fee, our landscaper will consult with you on site, incorporate your own ideas wherever practical, provide you with an innovative, suitable plan and details of what to buy and how many of each variety, as well as where to plant each species. You’ll avoid typical pitfalls and ensure that your new plants thrive, optimising your exclusive design.

The cost of plants which are purchased at wholesale prices from our nursery may be partially or wholly offset against the initial fee, subject to our terms and conditions. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits of surrounding your home with an expertly landscaped garden for your enjoyment in 2016 and beyond.


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