Ground Cover Plants

The Top 5 Benefits of Ground-Cover Plants

Does your garden look dull, lifeless and in need of a complete landscaping overhaul? Looking to make your property stand out and look expensive and polished from the outside, without having to invest a fortune or spend your weekends and evenings watering and pulling out weeds?

While there are many plants that offer multiple uses, such as wind protection and shade, there are also certain types of plants that can cover lawn and prevent weeds, where other plants cannot. These are called ground-cover plants. Excellent problem solvers, ground-cover plants are incredibly versatile and can grow in full sun, part shade, and even in extremely cold and wet conditions. If you’re on the fence about whether you should introduce these dynamic plants into your garden – their benefits might sway your mind.

#1 Soil Erosion Control

Anyone who has steep slopes on their property will understand the difficulty of getting something to grow on them. Hard to get to and easy to neglect, one type of plant that can do the trick is a ground-cover plant. Not only are these plants low maintenance and pretty much water resistant, but they also protect the soil from erosion and water loss.

#2 Serves as an Alternative to Lawn

Using massive amounts of water, lawns are incredibly labour-intensive and expensive to maintain. Requiring constant attention – unless you own a golf course – ground covers make much better sense, both financially and time wise.

#3 Prevents Weed Establishment and Offers Moisture Retention

By covering the ground with a carpet of vegetation, these densely growing ground covers are effective in preventing the germination of weed seeds, as well as the ingress of perennial weeds. Resisting the need for fertiliser and water, ground covers act as mulch and insulating cover for the soil, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Not only does this help in decreasing maintenance costs, but it also greatly decreases water consumption and the need for weed killer poisons, reducing both your water bill and your environmental footprint.

#4 Provides Protection Against Pests, Fire and Frost

Where some ground covers act as a protective barrier for your garden against pests, protecting beneficial earthworms from predatory birds, others provide fire retardant protection and frost protection.

#5 Attracts Bees, Butterflies and Birds

In addition to defending your garden from weeds, pests, fire and frost, ground-cover plants are also excellent pollinators. Rich in plant nectar and pollen – through their radiant colours, blooms and nectar, they send triggers that attract bees, butterflies and birds throughout each season of the year. A garden filled with ground-cover plants will not only attract and support bees, birds and butterflies, but these plants will also improve the overall health of your ecosystem

From annuals, perennials, wildflowers, ornamentals, shrubs and herbs, to vines and bulbs – there are many varieties of ground-cover plants that can be found. If you’d like to establish a thriving colourful garden that is low maintenance, drought resistant and pest resistant, then contact us at Windy Willows in Johannesburg. We stock over 200 varieties of indigenous and exotic trees, shrubs, perennials, herbs and ground-cover plants.


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