Informed Choices about Small Trees for Sale

There is a lot of merit in buying small (or smaller) trees when you see them being offered for sale, particularly if the vendor happens to be a reputable growing nursery, such as that which we have established just on the north western fringes of Johannesburg – an ideal area for cultivating and producing healthy, happy plants.

Small trees may imply species which remain relatively compact, even when fully grown. Alternatively, one may find young saplings on sale, which typically grow into giants once they have matured. Either way, our nursery stocks many fine examples and species of both types which may be classified as small.

Small Species

The primary reason why small tree species are increasingly popular is because many urban properties are smaller than ever before, a trend which is especially noticeable in South Africa, a vast country with abundant and widespread open spaces.

Nevertheless, rapid urbanisation has effectively increased property and land prices, resulting in affordability issues for prospective buyers. Many buyers are therefore opting for smaller properties with gardens of a more manageable, easily maintained size, which simply cannot accommodate very big tree species.

Young Trees

Young trees or saplings may grow into very big trees indeed, either in height, the horizontal width or span of their branches or in both respects.

Many people opt for buying a sapling or similarly young tree, exercising patience, waiting and watching it progress and grow, since smaller plants are usually cheaper than those which are bigger and better established. Buying smaller plants for sale is a great option for those who have budgetary constraints.

Large size presents no problems if you live on a sprawling piece of land. However, when the sapling which started out as a spindly little fellow, planted near your house or close to the garden’s perimeter wall, suddenly tops the pitch of your duplex’s roof, you may have a problem.

It may be very costly or hazardous to chop down and remove a tall specimen; it is a job best left to the specialists. Moreover, in such close proximity to the home, the tallest object or tree may be prone to attracting lightning during a typical Gauteng summer rain and thunder storm.

Do not be confused by saplings and always keep buildings, paving and underground structures such as pipes, sewerage lines, drains and especially French drains in mind, since powerful root systems seek moisture and can interfere with these elements.

Ask Us

It is vital that you know the difference between small and large species and their respective characteristics. If you are unsure, ask us. We are there to assist you with this and lots of other advice and helpful hints. As growers of more than 50 tree species, we categorise them according to their eventual size, be it small, medium or large.

We furthermore specify whether they are indigenous, exotic and deciduous, hardy or tender, prefer full sun or semi-shade. If you want to attract bees, butterflies and various bird species into your outdoor space, we will point you in the right direction.

Additionally, the top quality small trees and all other plants at our nursery are offered for sale directly to the public and industry alike at wholesale prices, allowing you to buy more for less each time you are shopping for healthy plants.


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