Landscaping Companies

Not all landscaping companies actively involve their clients in the process of creating a new garden, but our unique business model actually encourages our customers’ participation and we find that they love the concept, which ensures that our professional service is well within reach of most customers’ budgets.

Their involvement gives them a sense of accomplishment and a far more in-depth knowledge of plants and gardening, which often evolves into a new passion or hobby, as yet previously unexplored. Unlike most other landscaping companies, we also give freely of our expert landscaping advice.

Landscaping Advice

Clients who engage us to design their outdoor spaces and those who call and purchase top quality, healthy plants at our nursery in the Honeydew area of Johannesburg are most welcome to ask us for advice about various aspects of landscaping, which may include the various concerns listed below.

  • Which plants are water wise and/or drought resistant?
  • Information on indigenous, exotic and alien species and also which aliens are invasive and should be removed and destroyed.
  • Which species will grow and thrive in your specific geographical area and on which side of the home/office to plant each, i.e. north, south, west or east facing, since each aspect presents different conditions?
  • Soil preparation.
  • Pruning.
  • Eventual size and dimensions of plants, once fully grown.
  • What to plant, taking customers’ lifestyle and preferred garden style, property size and location of buildings and structures into account, in order to obtain correct eventual density.
  • Where to install each specimen, how many of each should be purchased and how far apart from other foliage each should be placed.
  • Advice on which species attract birds, butterflies, bees and other desired creatures.
  • Pros and cons of perennials versus annuals.
  • Which species are hardy and frost resistant or frost tender, prefer full sun, semi-shade or shady conditions?
  • Water requirements.
  • Feeding and fertilisation.
  • Caution about types of trees which have invasive root systems and should thus not be placed near buildings or structures, preventing costly structural damage.
  • Which plants to plant at the back of beds where height is required?
  • Species which are excellent for enhancing privacy, or to install as screens from wind and noise.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least of all – how to transform your garden into the most beautiful, natural green space, which enhances your lifestyle and property value.


Affordable Landscaping Services

Our landscaping company offers one of the most affordable professional options available, backed by outstanding knowledge and expertise in the garden design field. Your participation in the process ensures that our cost saving model, combined with your plant purchases may convert your landscaping service into one which costs no additional money.

Within defined geographical areas, you pay a nominal fee for a two hour landscaping consultation at your premises. You’ll be provided with a rough sketch plan of the proposed design, as well as a list of what you should install, where and how many plants are required.

Everything on the list will be obtainable from our growing nursery. Depending on the amount for which you purchase, 50% or 100% of your initial consultation fee may be offset against your wholesale plant purchase, as a discount, thus providing you with our landscaping company’s free design service and advice.


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