Landscaping Companies Gauteng

South Africa’s smallest province by geographical size, Gauteng, has within its borders many, many operating landscaping companies, but they are not all equal or the same. Initially, most concerns of this nature offered fairly similar services, although their pricing, service quality and service levels may have differed greatly.

However, now that lifestyles are far more sophisticated and gardens have virtually become an extension of the home and its interior, the landscaping services offered by such companies in Gauteng and elsewhere have essentially become an art form – the art of design.

As such, not all service providers have the same degree of creative talent and the fees they charge are very likely to differ considerably, particularly in Gauteng, an area which is considered to be comparatively affluent. Moreover, many in this industry buy their plants from nurseries owned by another party, which also adds to the costs for the end user – the customer.

Advantages Using a Growing Wholesale Nursery

  • Utilising the services of a landscaping company in which the landscaper owns his/her own plant growing farm and nursery holds distinct advantages for clients. Because the middle man – a separate supplier – is omitted, the company is able to supply the required plants at far more competitive prices, a benefit which increases along with the number of plants needed for the job.
  • In this instance, both the landscaper/nursery owner and the client have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that new plants are of good quality and disease/pest free when they’re installed, providing that the landscaper values his/her reputation, as we do.
  • We own our plant growing nursery, invaluable in controlling the conditions under which our plants are cultivated and in ensuring that we only sell healthy, happy plants – at wholesale prices – directly to the public and the trade.
  • When we undertake landscaping services for clients, we utilise our own plants, thus providing customers with the best quality at the best possible prices, particularly when comparing them to those offered by numerous other companies.

Other Unique Gauteng Company Landscaping Benefits

  • Because we believe that landscaping services should not be elitist, but affordable for all occupants of Gauteng properties, we’ve developed a unique model to ensure that everyone who wants a professionally designed, artistic garden can afford to have just that.
  • Currently, in the part of Gauteng which falls within Johannesburg’s northern and western suburbs, East Rand, Midrand and Vaal Triangle, you pay less than R1 000* (excluding VAT) for a 2 hour, onsite consultation with our landscaper.
  • The landscaper provides you with your own unique design sketch plan, inclusive of what, how many of each and where to plant. Spend more than R5 000* purchasing plants from our wholesale nursery and receive a 50% discount on your initial consultation fee.
  • Purchases of more than R10 000* ensure that your consultation fee is 100% discounted, completely free of charge – a great way to afford the services of a professional landscaping company in Gauteng and simultaneously create a gorgeous garden, whilst enhancing your lifestyle and increasing the value of your property.

Great Gardens for All

Huge, pocket-sized or in between – no matter what the size or style of your garden – you can only benefit by having your outdoor space artistically designed by a bona fide, reputable company offering affordable yet top class landscaping services in Gauteng.

*Prices valid at time of publication.


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