Landscaping Company in Gauteng Offers Professional Consultation plus Discounts

As one of the more enterprising landscaping companies in Gauteng we offer a uniquely valuable service to homeowners living in the province. From our extensive growing premises located in the north-west of Johannesburg, Windy Willows wholesale nursery has introduced an attractive scheme whereby those who may wish to transform their garden or perhaps create a new one from scratch, may pay for a professional consultation. Where this differs from the more typical consultative services is to be seen in the fact its users may then proceed to retrieve anything up to 100% of the fee paid through the purchase of the plants that they will require in order to complete the proposed project.

We do not use the term ‘professional’ lightly. If you decide to opt for this service, then you must expect to allocate a full two hours to the session with one of our consultants who will visit you at your home. During this time the landscaper will explore your own preferences as well as the manner in which you utilise your garden. The consultant will then develop a rough sketch detailing where the flower beds should be located; what plants are suitable for each flowerbed (including trees, shrubs and perennials); where to locate each plant; how many of each plant to utilise; soil preparation; fertilisation requirements etc… . You will also be given an indication of the cost of both the plants and the installation. You may choose to purchase the plants from Windy Willows and do the implementation yourself, or you can opt for the simpler solution of allowing Windy Willows to both supply and install the new garden. Once the sketch is ready you will be invited to visit the Nursery where the landscaper will take you through the plan and will show you all of the plants. You will have an opportunity to select alternative plants if the landscaper’s choice is not to your liking – or if you see plants in the nursery which you would like to include in your garden.

Before you raise an eyebrow at the prospect of paying a consultation fee it could pay to reflect upon the cost of losses that you may have incurred in the past when blissfully unaware of some of those thorny issues for which only an experienced landscaper is really equipped to provide all of the answers. Given the benefit of this type of insight, most customers seek our advice in order to avoid a repetition. In exchange our landscaping company personnel in Gauteng will explain exactly such crucial details, like which plants should prove to be most suitable in the various available locations and those which prefer to be positioned either in sunshine or in shade.

Also, depending upon your precise location, you may benefit from some advice on the species that are best able to withstand the effects of frost and which trees constitute the best choice for the small garden. Crucially important could be some sound advice concerning those with more extensive root systems or foliage that could pose the risk of structural damage if planted too close to your home or its outbuildings. Your professionally compiled plan should cover everything needed to complete the project right down to the optimum number of individual plants and the preparation of your soil.

The Windy Willows landscaping company understands that in Gauteng many are too busy to tackle a project of this nature on a DIY basis while others may simply want to enjoy the end-result without the attendant labour. In such cases, we are more than happy to provide a quotation for our services. In either case, all of the plants, when supplied from our wholesale stock, carry no additional mark-up. More significantly, as the value of your total purchase increases, so too will the percentage of the consultancy fee refunded to you. This generous offer, together with our established expertise confirms our position as the leading landscaping company in Gauteng.


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