Landscaping Experts for your own Eden

If you are new to gardening or even if you are an old hand at this relaxing, therapeutic way of spending some of your free time in today’s hectic world, you simply cannot go wrong if you are armed with advice and guidance from the masters of all things gardening – landscaping experts.

The rewards of surrounding your home and sanctuary with an expertly landscaped garden are numerous. Moreover, your sense of accomplishment will be immense if you have been involved in the process of creating it, no matter if your own handiwork represents only the smallest degree of effort.

An Innovative Creative Process

This is a major contributing factor of our landscaping operation’s offering – involving you in the procedure whilst leaving the choice of the extent to which you do so entirely up to you. For an affordable fee, one of our landscaping experts will visit you on site, assess and evaluate the property, soil, slope and other critical factors.

Next, we will discuss your requirements with you, before providing you with a rough sketch plan of your proposed new garden. All plants will be listed, as well as their number and where to plant them to ensure that they thrive in optimum growing conditions, creating the desired long term effect. There will be no need to run around to various suppliers to obtain you plants either.

Most of the stock which we sell is home grown at our own farm/nursery, ensuring customers that whatever they buy has been carefully tended from day one and is absolutely healthy. Better still, customers pay wholesale prices, making their landscaping even more cost-effective and enabling them to get more for their money, an important consideration when replanting or establishing a brand new garden.

When plants to the value of more than R5 000 are bought from us, landscaping customers are given a 50% discount on their initial fee, which may be completely free in return for purchases exceeding R10 000. There simply is no more affordable way of acquiring expert landscaping services.

Planting Options

You have two basic planting options. Most people engage and supervise their own gardener/s or labour for the bulk of the planting process, according to the sketch plan, whereby they are able to affect considerable savings. Alternatively, customers are most welcome to engage one of our teams to do so, for which we will quote separately.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Smaller plants generally cost less, so if you are on a tight budget, buy smaller, exercise a little patience and within a few growing seasons, your plants will catch up and look magnificent. Of course, purchasing bigger, more established flora gives you maximum effect virtually instantly, providing your budget allows for this.
  • Avoid overplanting. Too often, especially if smaller plants are used, people install too many items too close together, in order to fill up perceived excess empty space. Each species requires a certain area in which to grow and thrive. If overcrowded, the overall objective is defeated and nothing will flourish. Keep the eventual, fully grown size of each species in mind.

Your Own Eden

Transforming your garden into your own piece of Eden has never been easier, more pleasurable or more affordable. All it takes is an email, a phone call or a visit to our nursery to arrange for one of our qualified landscaping experts to assist you in creating the garden you have always wanted.


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