Landscaping Tailor-made for You, in Johannesburg

For some people, particularly those in Johannesburg and other cities which feature many large, sprawling urban properties and residential smallholdings, landscaping seems beyond their means, since the common perception exists that such services are only for the very wealthy, rather too expensive or even unaffordable.

However, we have developed a far more affordable, highly beneficial landscaping plan for our clients residing in and around the Johannesburg area. Our unique scheme enables clients to obtain qualified, professional services, advice and guidelines, whilst having the personal satisfaction of being actively involved in the creation or improvement of their outdoor areas.

Innovative, Affordable Solution

Our innovative solution places professional landscaping services well within your reach, irrespective of the size of your property and garden. We plan the new configuration with you, rather than for you, during a two-hour evaluation and consultation session at your premises. You are not approached as a bystander, but as an active participant in the process.

You will be supplied with a sketch plan and a list of what to acquire and where to plant each item, in order to ensure that your new garden looks stunning and each plant is located in an optimal spot where it will thrive and display its beauty to perfection. By following our guidelines, you should not lose any plants, barring unforeseen, unseasonal and extreme weather conditions.

Know Your Garden

Regardless of what the subject or lesson may be, the best way of learning and retaining new knowledge is by experience and being actively involved, ideally in a hands-on capacity. Most keen gardeners love to put their hands in the soil, finding it enjoyable and therapeutic, but if this does not apply to you, you can still be actively involved by mentoring and supervising the gardener whom you employ.

It is unlikely that you would be considering making use of landscaping services if you were not interested in beautifying the outdoor space surrounding your home, which is your ultimate sanctuary. Your garden is an extension of this haven which you have created for yourself and your loved ones.

Moreover, improving the garden represents a sound investment in your property and its value. If ever you put your property on the market, the outside area creates the first impression for prospective buyers. Should they be put off by what they see, it will most probably influence their opinion about the rest of your house too.

The Perfect Garden for You

A well-planted and maintained garden is a reflection of you, your personality and your values, so it is well worth your while to extend home improvements to include the surrounding outdoor area. It is easy and affordable. Let us supply you with professional landscaping advice and planting guidelines, and the Johannesburg garden of your dreams is yours.


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