Leading Landscaping Services Available in Gauteng

Were you under the impression that professional landscaping services in Gauteng were only intended for the most well-heeled members of this vast city’s population, because such fortunate folks were the only people who could afford to spend a small fortune on making the most of their gardens and outdoor spaces?

If so, you’d better be prepared to change your mind. You too can afford leading landscaping services, providing that you reside in the Gauteng area and that you engage our experts to assist you in the planning and layout of your new or existing garden which you wish to revamp.

Let’s be honest – there’s far more to a beautiful garden than just a well-maintained lawn and a few flowerbeds and shrubs. We’ll advise you what to plant and where, vitally necessary information in areas such as Gauteng, which is prone to receiving frost when winters are very cold and baking, sometimes searing midsummer heat.

Benefits of a Professionally Landscaped Garden

The first and most obvious benefit of having your garden laid out professionally is its aesthetic beauty. This includes feature plants, areas of particular interest or focal points, and the sheer pleasure and enjoyment which you and your family will derive from your property, season after season, year after year.

Reflect your Personality and Lifestyle

Like it or not, your garden may speak volumes about your lifestyle, taste and standards, certainly in the eyes of observers. The outdoor area may make or break a property sale and it’s certainly one of the first aspects which a prospective buyer will notice, since it’s considered indicative of what they may expect throughout the rest of the property.

Investment Value

It has been said that homes with attractive gardens sell for remarkably better prices, considerably quicker than those with little to offer. Having your outdoor space landscaped represents a sound investment in the value of your property, whether you intend selling it or staying and enjoying an improved quality of life.

Attract Nature’s Creatures

Nature lovers are increasingly requesting us to include plants which attract and encourage birds, butterflies, bees and other useful creatures into their gardens. Their habitats are constantly under threat from humans’ urbanisation, so it’s really eco-friendly to provide for their needs and preferences.

You’ll be kind to the environment too. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, vital in maintaining a healthy atmosphere and combating manmade air pollution.

Decrease Noise Pollution, Increase Privacy

Plants offer an outstanding solution to decreasing disturbing noises and high winds, if strategically placed. Trees, tall dense hedges and substantial shrubs are not only invaluable in minimising windy and noisy conditions, but they additionally enhance privacy in the most attractive, natural way.

Landscaping Services for All

We charge an affordable once off fee for a 2 hour on-site evaluation and consultation. Thereafter, a customised sketch plan showing details of all plants required and their location is provided to the client. All plants can be obtained from our growing nursery, at wholesale prices.

Depending on how much the client spends on plant purchases, some or the entire initial fee may be refunded as a buying discount.  Although we are happy to quote separately for installing plants, most of our delighted clients elect to do so themselves, saving lots of money and comfortably affording professional landscaping services in Gauteng.


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