Looking for Plants from a Plant Nursery

Looking for Plants? Visit a Reputable Plant Growing Nursery

If you’re looking for plants, a few options are available to you if you live in and around the Johannesburg area – ask a friend or family member for a few ones or shoots from his or her garden, buy from a roadside vendor or visit a recognised plant nursery.

Pros and Cons

In general, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to get large numbers of plants from the gardens of family or friends, particularly multiples of each species. Your choice will be restricted; you get what’s available at any given time and you cannot really pick and choose as you would at a nursery.

Buying from a roadside vendor may be dodgy. Their goods may not be from a reliable source and you probably won’t be able to confirm their origin. Unless you know what to look out for, that which you take home may be unhealthy and struggle to become established or even die, in which case you’ve wasted your money, time and effort.

They may also carry pests and the eggs of harmful insects, which later invade other foliage in your garden once you’ve installed them. Before you know it, you’ll have a widespread pestilence on your hands, which will again use more of your hard earned money and time to combat and eradicate.

Follow the best course when looking for plants – buy from a reputable nursery which is known for the health and quality of its merchandise, ideally an establishment such as ours, which not only sells top-quality, healthy plants, but also grows and cultivates most of them too.

Wholesale Prices

Buying plants can be quite an expensive exercise, particularly if you’re establishing a garden from scratch or you’re revamping your entire outdoor space. Many gardeners are under the impression that buying from a plant nursery is very costly, which is probably true in many cases.

However, this is not necessarily so. At our growing nursery, we sell our plants at wholesale prices, both to others in the industry and directly to the public – a win-win situation for all concerned, with the additional advantage of allowing our customers to acquire much more for their gardens, for considerably less money.

Maximise Added Value

We’re passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces and equally eager to share this enthusiasm with our customers. To this end, we offer even more added value to our loyal customer base, both within the trade and amongst direct public buyers.

Repeat customers are most welcome to register as such, in order to become participating members of our loyalty programme. Those from within the industry, such as landscapers, property developers, body corporates and nurseries, qualify for level two (lower) prices immediately upon registration with us, and upon documentary proof of their status.

Members of the public may also register for the loyalty programme, which is activated at level two prices as soon as their purchases exceed a specified amount within a 12-month period. Kindly be aware that documentation in support of the loyalty conditions must be produced.

Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Gauteng is blessed with a wonderful climate, glorious weather and ample opportunity to spend lots of time outdoors. Buying wisely from a plant nursery such as ours not only makes looking for and finding outstanding plants easy and affordable, but it’s the perfect way in which to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.


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