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Healthy Wholesale Plants and Helpful Services for Johannesburg Gardeners 

When you buy cut flowers for yourself or someone special, you’re always at pains to ensure that they’re firm and fresh. Although they are no longer living, you want them to last for as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than spending money on a gorgeous bunch or arrangement, only to find that the blossoms begin to wilt and droop within a day or even overnight.

To add insult to injury, you made the effort of trimming the stems before putting the blooms into a vase of fresh, cool water so that they could “drink” as much as possible. All this to no avail – you’ve wasted your money. If the bouquet was a gift, you’d be embarrassed and vow to purchase your freshly-cut flowers elsewhere in future.

Why then would you assume that buying garden plants from just any old supplier would be different? Is it really necessary to adopt a discerning approach when purchasing from a nursery in Johannesburg? We would say “yes”.

Be Discerning

You know only too well that cut flowers have a very limited display life, even if of good quality, but vegetation which you plant in your garden is expected to grow, thrive and enhance the appearance of your outdoor space for a long time (unless it’s an annual or seasonal species). Therefore, the reputation of the nursery from which you obtain your plants is important.

Much of what we stock and sell at our nursery on the outskirts of Johannesburg is home-grown by us on our own premises. Nothing of inferior quality is ever put on display and offered for sale to customers – not even at a discount. We also ensure that the odd species which we don’t cultivate ourselves, but buy in from the trade, are of superior quality, for your and our peace of mind.

Price Issues

What of price? In Johannesburg and other cities, the cost of living is high. Our South African currency is weak at the moment and the inflation rate appears to be experiencing upward pressure. It’s perfectly understandable that customers everywhere are seeking out special deals, discounts and lower prices on whatever they intend acquiring, plants included.

Wholesale Directly to the Public

Since there are no “middle men” involved, both the trade and the public are able to do their plant shopping at our growing farm/nursery, all at wholesale prices throughout the year. Moreover, they can rest assured that there’s no compromise on quality either; all plants are in peak condition and are healthy, just ready to beautify your garden.

The nursery is staffed by helpful, knowledgeable personnel and you’re most welcome to ask their advice about plants, planting and related matters when you’re plant shopping there – at no cost to you.

Alternatively, you may require landscaping services, in which case, you’re also dealing with the right nursery. It’s possible to have this service “free” too, depending on the total cost of the plants which you buy in order to complete the practical part of the landscaping brief.

Our easily navigable website will give you a good idea of what you may expect at our Johannesburg nursery and you’re most welcome to contact us for more information. Better still, visit us and see for yourself.


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