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Obtain Plants Directly from Reputable, Versatile Growers

Unless one intends on acquiring plants which are classified as being of a protected or endangered species, (for which a legal permit is required), one seldom gives much thought to the origin or growers of the flora on offer at retailers and nurseries.

There’s a commonplace assumption that all or most nurseries cultivate and grow the plants which they put on display for their customers, but this isn’t always the case. This typically occurs when a particular retail nursery is exceptionally enormous and offers a remarkably extensive range of species.

The sheer volume of numbers and varietals dictates that few are able to grow each and every plant type on offer. A great deal of land and space is required to grow plants successfully, in addition to a comprehensive knowledge of each and every plant species, plus its characteristics, likes and dislikes.

In order to overcome obstacles presented by a limited growing capacity, nurseries trade amongst their own kind, so that they’re able to offer their customers as wide a selection as is possible. However, reputable concerns are justifiably discerning in where and from whom they acquire additional ranges.

When Only the Best Will Do

For similar reputable traders (and their valued clientele), only the best will do in every respect, which is why they won’t buy from just any old “backyard” grower, preferring to make certain that their suppliers are bona fide growers who conduct their business in an honest and transparent manner, only supplying plants in prime condition. In good conscience, one simply cannot place a sad, unhealthy looking specimen on display and then expect customers to trust your organisation and the quality of its wares.

Reputation and Aims

Our growing farm and its nursery in the Honeydew area, on the outskirts of Johannesburg, stocks more than 200 varieties. We’ve built our proud reputation on the variety and quality of plants which we offer, extensive knowledge of each type, our exemplary customer service, helpful and sound advice, positive attitude and fair pricing structures.

We constantly strive to place beautiful gardens within affordable reach of all our customers, both within our industry and directly to the public – all at wholesale prices. Likewise, we undertake to provide remarkably affordable professional landscaping services to all types of customers, irrespective of their budgets.

Customised Landscaping Service

In our quest to make landscaping services accessible to all of our clients, we’ve developed a plan to do so without cutting corners or compromising on quality. It’s uncomplicated, flexible and frankly, is a winning scheme, benefitting all concerned parties.

  • The fee for a professional, 2 hour on-site consultation is affordable and may be offset as a discount on plant purchases, dependent on the amount spent.
  • On conclusion of the consultation, our landscaper provides you with an easy to follow, rough plan of what to plant where and in which quantity.
  • Installation is left to you (a meaningful cost saving), and we provide all the advice and guidance that you’ll require. However, we can provide labour too, at an additional fee.
  • Buy your plants at wholesale prices.
  • If your budget is tight, purchase smaller specimens. They’ll grow just as well as those which are bigger, taking just a little longer to reach full size.
  • Enjoy your garden, knowing that your plants were cultivated and supplied by a reputable grower.

Visit our nursery today. You won’t be disappointed!


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