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Buying Your Plants from a Plant Nursery

If you are looking to add life to your backyard, you can easily accomplish this by visiting a plant nursery. There you will find a variety of plants, lawn types, and trees that will beautifully decorate your garden and give it new life. You can also get advice on how to best treat these plants, and where you should plant them.

When choosing plants, it is important to know what they require to grow to their full potential. Some plants enjoy staying in the shade, while others need a lot of water and sunshine to grow. Some trees will only grow their flowers if they have the correct amount of sunlight, which is why it is important to plant them in the correct location in your garden. For example, the Halleria Lucida tree needs shade to reach its full potential, while the Viburnum Sinensis needs to be planted in full sunlight to flower.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself when planning your garden is which plants will suit your area, which of them have a root system that might potentially damage the surrounding area, and how to properly prepare flower beds and the soil surrounding it. Planning a new landscape might sound challenging but it is essential that you plan in advance so that you won’t have any issues afterwards.

Once you know what you need to plant and how to plant it, you need to learn how you can properly manage it. You need to pay attention to your plants and trees regularly, especially if they are still in their growing stages. Make sure that there are no pests damaging them, and they get enough water and sunlight.

Hiring a Landscape Artist

If you have money available you can choose to hire a landscape artist to help you lay out your new garden area. Although they have all the knowledge and expertise necessary, they can be quite expensive, so always consider if it will be worth your while to hire a professional. With that being said, you might be reluctant to take on this project by yourself as you might not know everything about plants and trees, but this is where a plant nursery comes in. These professionals can help you and give you the advice you need to do this on your own.

If you need to plant more trees in your garden, it is recommended to choose indigenous trees. These plants require less water and fertiliser to grow as they are already accustomed to our South African climate. They will provide natural shade and benefit the environment and surrounding wildlife. There are literally hundreds of plants and trees to choose from so you can create a wonderful garden no matter where you are located.

Windy Willows is a plant nursery based in Gauteng. We are close to the Northgate Shopping Centre and offer more than 300 varieties of plants to our customers. We can also give you professional landscaping advice that will come in handy when you want to revamp your own garden or backyard.

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