Plants for Sale in Johannesburg

Plants for Sale in Johannesburg That Attract Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Looking for a wide selection of plants for sale in Johannesburg that can attract birds, bees and butterflies? With more than 1 000 different types of bees, 900 resident and migrant bird species, and with more than 650 species of butterflies, you would think it would be easy. While adding life and movement to your outdoor space can be quite a challenge – get your garden abuzz and aflutter with these top 5 bird, bee and butterfly friendly plants for sale in Johannesburg.

1. Geranium (Malva) – indigenous perennials that yield masses of sweet blooms and delicious nectar and pollen, geraniums are excellent for attracting bees, butterflies and birds. Adding a splash of colour and a rich scent of rose, peppermint, balm or lemon, geraniums can be grown in patio pots, window boxes or along borders.

 2. Gaura Butterfly Bush –  celebrated as one of the most fashionable perennial shrubs to showcase in any outdoor setting, not only have they been proven to be a winner in just about every climate, but butterflies are crazy about them. Boasting beautiful pink and white flowers on long stems that grow to hip height, these shrubs may not be the flashiest of flowers, but they are certainly one of the most durable and dependable pollinators.

 3. Wild Dagga – an evergreen shrub that cannot be smoked like cannabis, Wild dagga is on the top of the list for providing nectar for all pollinators, especially the little sugar bird. Adding a splash of colour with its rich orange clusters of tubular blooms, this wild hemp plant is a sought-after specimen due to its hardy nature and striking appearance, and is sure to have your garden abuzz with many beautiful little birds getting their morning sap and afternoon fuel.

4. Lavender – an ancient medicinal plant that produces an intoxicating scent complemented with a light fragranced honey, lavender is not only an effective pest repellent, it’s also a valuable companion plant, a culinary seasoning, a household freshener, and a natural pollinator that will have birds, bees and butterflies lining up to indulge in its’ delicious blossoms.

5. Plumbago – also known as Cape Leadwort, Plumbago is a fast growing, drought-resistant sprawling shrub that gets covered in either white or blue phlox-like flowers. Native to South Africa, this plant has few pests and is a huge favourite amongst garden visitors, especially birds such as robins which love dense plant growth.


While there are many people who choose plants based on their scent and colour, if you want to create an outdoor space that birds, bees and butterflies can call home, then you need to plant the food and scents they love the most. If you’d like to establish a thriving ecosystem filled with bees, butterflies and birds, then turn to Windy Willows in Johannesburg. Offering over 200 varieties of indigenous and exotic trees, shrubs, perennials, herbs, and plants for sale in Johannesburg – our plants will not only attract and support bees, birds and butterflies, but they will also improve the overall health of your ecosystem.


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