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The Top 3 Most Productive, Edible Winter Plants for Sale

Want to transform your garden into a sustainable and eco-friendly abode this winter? Looking for winter plants for sale, but not just any plants – productive, edible plants? Celebrated as the act of living with intent, which is is to do no harm to the environment, sustainable and eco-friendly go far beyond just driving less, keeping lights off and creating less waste – sustainable and eco-friendly is all about changing the purpose of how you live. One good place to start is in your garden.

Some of the top garden trends currently in high demand are edible, medicinal and herb gardens. Everyone is planting their own fruit, salad leaves and vegetables these days. Productive and aesthetically pleasing, an edible garden not only offers homeowners an outdoor space that is full of birds, bees and butterflies, but you also get a delicious harvest throughout the winter months that is pesticide free.

In today’s economy, it’s really worth thinking about. Boasting a treasure trove of edible and medicinal plants within our rich plant kingdom in South Africa – here are the top 3 most productive and edible winter plants for sale that can transform any cold garden into a healthy, edible winter wonderland.

1.     Wild Sorrel (Oxalis Pes-Caprae) – traditionally used as an ingredient in waterblommetjie bredie (stew) and as a salt substitute, wild sorrel is a very popular edible winter plant that boasts a slightly sour taste. Used widely in healthy salads and dips, wild sorrel can either be eaten raw or cooked in milk.

2.     Cape Aloe (Aloe Vera Ferox) – a succulent that stores a large quantity of water within its leaves, not only are winter flowering aloes a rich source of food for many bird species, but these plants are also a rich source of food and medicine for humans. A very powerful plant that can be eaten, juiced or used on the face and body as skin food, Aloe Vera contains healthy plant compounds, antioxidants and super antibacterial properties. Used to accelerate the healing of burns and acne, reduce dental plaque, treat canker sores, reduce constipation, improve skin, lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, and boost the immune system, especially over winter –  if there was ever a winning plant for sale, this would be it.

3.     Spinach – nutritious and easy to grow, spinach is an edible flowering plant in the Amaranthaceae family that is related to beets. Celebrated as a “Persian vegetable”, spinach produces over an extended period if the leaves are picked regularly. This is a plant that just keeps on giving, and should it seed, you’ll have spinach growing in your garden for the next 10 years.

Easy and budget-friendly, vegetable, herb and medicinal gardens are one of the best ways in which to transform an outdoor space into something productive and aesthetically appealing. A cost-effective investment that will have you eating healthily from winter right through to summer – if you’d like to establish a thriving edible garden that is low maintenance and pest resistant, then contact us at Windy Willows. We stock over 200 varieties of indigenous and exotic trees, shrubs, perennials, herbs and plants for sale.


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