The Top 4 Must-Have Shrubs to Ornament Your Garden

Looking to make your property or office stand out and look expensive from the outside, without having to invest a fortune? A part of your home that says a lot about your needs and lifestyle, your outdoor space is a prominent part of your property, which is why it needs to look its best. But a healthy, polished and functional outdoor space doesn’t just happen on its own – you need to fill it with the right colours and fragrances.

Shrubs Hold Their Foliage All Year Round

One of the most important features of a balanced garden landscape design and a key feature of permanent landscape planting – shrubs are those which hold their foliage all year around, making them the perfect choice for low-maintenance gardening. Renowned for attracting attention to the garden, shrubs can be used in a variety of ways. Acting as a central focus point to build a garden around, shrubs have long been used as effective windbreaks, decorative accents, and hedges and screens to block out unpleasant views or to create privacy. From small to large, evergreen and deciduous, to tender and hardy – the variety of shrubs with beautiful foliage, flowers and berries are endless. Lasting a long time and adding structure to your garden – here are the top 4 must-have shrubs to ornament your garden.

1.     Gardenias – not many people can resist the exhilarating fragrance of gardenias, and who can blame them. Native to tropical and subtropical regions – gardenia is a beautiful evergreen shrub with flamboyant, heavily fragranced flowers, dark green leather-looking leaves and decorative fruits. No shrub expresses the grace of South Africa better than the gardenia. Easy to grow and beautiful to look at, gardenias are used widely as a strong hedge to create borders, block views and protect privacy.

2.     Hydrangeas – a genus consisting of over 80 different species, hydrangeas, also known as Christmas roses, are the most popular flowering shrubs in South Africa. From coastal areas to the drier highveld – these popular shrubs can grow in just about any climate. A favourite for those looking for maintenance-free foliage, hydrangeas produce a variety of flower shades that can easily be altered by the pH level of the soil.

3.     Plumbago – a hardy scrambling shrub that is characterised by its delicate sky-blue or white phlox-like flowers, the Plumbago, also known as the Cape Plumbago or sky flower, can grow 6 to 10 feet tall with a spread of 8 to 10 feet. An extremely reliable, resilient shrub that is known to attract butterflies, bees and birds, a Plumbago will make an excellent border, boundary and hedge.

4.     Strelitzia Reginae – known as Bird of Paradise or the Crane flower, the strelitzia reginae is one of the most striking ornamental shrubs in all of South Africa. Boasting vibrant colours, such as blue/purple and orange, the strelitzia reginae flower resembles the head of a bird. Slow growers, but once established, these shrubs will live and grow for years.

If you’d like to establish an ornamental garden that is low in maintenance, provides colour, and attracts bees, birds and butterflies, then contact us at Windy Willows in Johannesburg. We stock over 200 varieties of exotic trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, herbs and plants.


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