Super Selection of Shrubs for Sale at Wholesale Prices

There are numerous important considerations to take into account when you are looking for shrubs for sale, and they include quality, from whom you buy and value for money. When you are spending your hard earned money and there is no guarantee that the plant that you have selected will settle and grow well once it is in the ground, it logically follows that you want the best quality.

Prepared to Take a Chance?

You may strike it lucky if you stop at a roadside vendor offering bargain priced shrubs for sale, but unless you really have sufficient knowledge to know the difference between a healthy, good quality item and one which may struggle to establish itself or worse still, die on you, you’d best beware.

Peace of Mind

On the other hand, purchasing you plants from a reputable nursery which propagates and grows many of the plants that they have on offer themselves, gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with professional people who have a reputation to protect and maintain. In all probability, you will also find that their prices are competitive when compared with other suppliers. We have established our concern as a wholesale nursery.

Guidelines and Advice

Nursery men and women worth their salt have detailed knowledge of what shrubs, trees, bulbs, flowering and fruit bearing plants and seedling they sell, and will be happy to provide customers with qualified, professional guidelines, information and advice.

Plants are Like People

It may sound rather strange, but in many ways, plants are like people. They do not all thrive in the same environment, exhibit the same behaviour, require the same amount of sustenance and care, or have the same appeal to other creatures (humans included). Some are strong and hardy, whilst others are delicate, sensitive or even rather fragile. Others still, may cause damage or create chaos if incorrectly situated.

Let Us Advise You

  • Not all plants and shrubs are suitable for all areas and locations, and we will advise you accordingly, so that you do not waste your money by buying incorrectly.
  • We will tell you what to plant where, taking into account the shrub’s eventual size and space available to accommodate it, its root system, whether it likes full or partial sunlight or shade, and whether it is frost resistant or able to tolerate icy Highveld overnight temperatures.
  • Great care should be taken to avoid planting species with invasive root systems near water/drainage pipes, paved areas and foundations which may be blocked or damaged by powerful underground root growth.
  • Tall plants, such as trees or larger shrub species, should be placed towards the back of beds or areas to be planted, with decreasing heights nearer the front, towards the inner space.
  • It is also very important not to overplant, a mistake all too many people make in their eagerness to have a lush garden, especially when they have purchased younger, smaller shrubs, which typically cost less than large plants. Remember that everything needs space to grow optimally, upwards and sideways.


Value at Wholesale Prices

These factors are but a few things which should be considered when selecting the best shrubs on sale at our nursery, but we are there to help and we would love to become your supplier of choice – healthy plants at wholesale prices, representing outstanding value – for your home garden and for your landscaping purposes.  


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