Wholesale Nursery Grows Trees for South African Outdoor Lifestyles

No matter what the extent of your garden may be – a sprawling park like space in a country estate or a postage stamp-sized, enclosed spot outside a townhouse – you can, in all likelihood, accommodate at least one tree, ideally more, and our wholesale tree nursery is just the place at which to obtain fine specimens to grace and enhance your outdoor living area.

South Africans are truly fortunate that this country’s climate enables its citizens to spend so much time outside, pursuing sports, hiking, walking, swimming or just chilling out and relaxing next to the braai, all in the great outdoors. Nevertheless, one still needs respite from summer heat and sun, and there is nothing to beat relaxing in comfort beneath one of the shade trees bought from our nursery.

As lovely as this scenario is, trees play a far more vitally fundamental role in the environment. The world as we know it would not exist at all without plants, and in particular, trees.

Harmful Human Activities

On-going deforestation, especially that of rain forests, mainly located throughout developing or poor countries, is increasingly wreaking havoc with the environment, its animal, bird and insect species and their habitat, and worst of all, this prevalent practice is exacerbating the harmful effects of global warming.

Mankind’s on-going greed and need for timber and paper products is one of the principal reasons for deforestation, even though there is a strong emphasis on paperless business practices and recycling amongst developed modern societies.

In order to maintain and “improve” upon the sophistication of mankind’s lifestyle, human activities are releasing more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thereby creating greenhouse gases. Excess carbon dioxide is mainly produced by the burning of fossil fuels as a means of generating electricity, in petrol for motor vehicles and as noxious factory emissions.

These emissions, coupled with rampant, unchecked deforestation, are the principal source of humans’ contribution to global warming, the consequences of which may eventually become catastrophic. In an attempt to cut down on greenhouse emissions and reduce one’s carbon footprint, the way forward is twofold.

Reduce and Recycle

Firstly, it’s up to each individual person and organisation to reduce their carbon footprint (the measure of the amount of carbon dioxide each person/entity creates), by using both renewable and non-renewable resources sparingly and recycling wherever and whatever possible, supporting renewal initiatives.

Plant Trees

Secondly, plant a tree, ideally a healthy specimen from our nursery. You will not only beautify your surroundings, but you will also contribute to a healthy, sustainable environment. Trees help to maintain a healthy balance in the amount of carbon dioxide in the air which we breathe.

They do so by absorbing CO2 and converting it to oxygen. It is claimed that sixteen trees can supply sufficient oxygen for the lifetime of one human, depending on its type. They provide shade, shelter and a habitat for numerous species, attracting bees, birds and butterflies, whilst stabilising surrounding soil.

Celebrate with a Tree from our Nursery

Next time you or someone in your family has a birthday, anniversary or special occasion, be innovative. Buy and plant a gift that keeps on giving – a tree from our wholesale tree nursery, where we grow more than 50 species – small, medium, large, indigenous and exotic, frost tender and hardy, deciduous and evergreen – we’ll advise and you choose.


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