Trees for Sale Johannesburg

Treat your Johannesburg Garden to Trees Galore

Everyone who knows anything at all about Johannesburg and its distinctive landscape, knows that it is one of very few cities in the world which has become renowned for its greenery and the remarkable number of trees within the city limits and surrounding residential areas.

Johannesburg is a relatively young city by world standards, and most of the trees and gardens didn’t occur naturally. They were planted and established by inhabitants, eager to beautify their city and create their own gardens, collectively giving rise to magnificent, lush and dense green spaces.

Dusty Veld

If in any doubt, take a look at pictures of early Johannesburg during the heady days of the gold rush, when there was no city, just a collection of ramshackle iron huts, rudimentary shacks and tented mining camps set in the dusty veld.

One must assume that lots of local, indigenous trees were cut down for firewood and timber beams to support subterranean tunnels within mines. Nevertheless, there’s simply no comparison between the dusty veld and today’s verdant landscape, all achieved by mankind’s desire for beauty, comfort and, no doubt, shade and shelter from the burning Africa sun.

Immigrant Influence

As has happened all over the world, the discovery of gold in what was to become the city of Johannesburg, brought hordes of prospectors from far and wide to the Witwatersrand, in the hope of striking it rich and making a fortune.

Many were unsuccessful and moved on to other places to seek their fortune. Those who stayed on settled down and established more permanent, more sophisticated homes, which they eventually surrounded by cultivated gardens, perhaps longing after the green spaces of their former homes.

Natural Attraction

Virtually all forms of life are naturally attracted to greenery. For some, plant life represents a source of food, an abundance of herbivorous prey and/or shelter, whilst others gravitate to green areas, because they indicate the presence of life giving water.

Modern human beings expect even more from their green, tree-lined gardens and outdoor spaces, especially in sunny South Africa, where much of the population’s leisure activities take place al fresco, in the open, fresh air.

The pleasant local climate and weather in Gauteng allows inhabitants of this region to enjoy the outdoors for most of the year; there are few months which curtail outdoor activities. Gardening is a favourite pastime for many residents.

Successful planting of many species can take place during most seasons, providing that each type of plant or tree is optimally positioned. Position is paramount when planting trees, in particular. Some species should be installed well away from buildings, underground pipes and structures. Others may be frost tender, unsuitable for southern, exposed areas.

At Windy Willows, our growing nursery, we offer more than 200 types of shrubs, trees, perennials, plugs and selected herbs for sale. We propagate and grow most of what we supply directly to the public, as well as to our industry colleagues – all at competitive wholesale prices.

Additionally, the experienced assistants at our office are well equipped to advise you on which trees to plant and where, enabling you to make the most of your particular property and your individual outdoor lifestyle requirements.


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