Types of Shrubs

Three Types of Shrubs that can Add Value to your Property

Are you looking for a way to increase the value of your property? Start with your outdoor space. Whether you own a grand double storey home, a small townhouse in the suburbs, or a prime of property on a golf estate, one of the first things buyers look at when turning into the driveway is the outdoor space and the type of privacy offered. Yes, today’s buyers are not just interested in the house, they want the entire package: a beautiful home with useful and aesthetically pleasing front and back outdoor spaces that offer both privacy and security. 

Your Outdoor Space is your Greatest Asset

Did you know that a beautifully manicured, functional and productive garden can increase the value of any property by up to 20%, and that it can also accelerate the buying process by up to six weeks? In addition, hedges around the property for privacy can add another 3,6%. Celebrated as one of your greatest assets, if you are looking for a way to add value to your property, start with shrubs.

The Best Choice for Adding Polish, Colour and Privacy

One of the most important features of a balanced garden layout and a key feature of permanent garden design, shrubs hold their foliage all year around, making them the perfect choice for adding polish, colour, style and privacy to your outdoor space. Lasting a long time and adding structure to your garden, shrubs can be showcased in a variety of ways. From focal points, windbreaks, and decorative accents to framing the house with hedges to create privacy, shrubs never fail to attract attention, smell lovely, enhance aesthetics and create privacy.

From evergreen to deciduous, here are three types of shrubs that can boost the value of your property:

#1 Gardenia – no plant expresses the spirit of South Africa better than the sweet blossoms of gardenia, a beautiful evergreen shrub with flamboyant, heavily fragrant flowers, dark green leathery leaves and decorative fruit. Easy to grow and beautiful to look at, gardenias are used widely as a strong hedge to create borders and improve privacy.

#2 Lavender – an ancient medicinal plant that produces an intoxicating scent, lavender is not only an effective pest repellent, it is also a valuable companion plant, a culinary seasoning, a household freshener, and a natural pollinator that will have birds, bees and butterflies lining up at its delicious blossoms. Whether you plant it as a border or decorative accent, lavender never fails to grab attention and impress prospective buyers.

#2 Plumbagos – a hardy, fast-growing and drought-resistant scrambling shrub that is characterised by its delicate sky-blue or white phlox-like flowers, the plumbago, also known as the sky flower, can grow 6 to 10 feet tall. An extremely reliable, resilient shrub that is known to attract butterflies, bees and birds, a plumbago will make an excellent border, boundary and hedge.

Whether you are looking to form a focal point, frame the house, or create different zones, there are many types of shrubs that can help you add value to your property. To find out more about the different types of shrubs available, chat to us today.


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