Unique Garden Design

Make the Most of Unique, Affordable Garden Design

When you intend establishing a pleasing new outdoor area or revamping an existing exterior space which forms part of your property, there are three primary aspects to consider. You probably want something all your own, completely unique; it should be a garden in the true sense, and as such, it should ideally be accomplished according to a plan, a design which enhances the property, its architectural elements and overall ambience, a reflection of your lifestyle.


“Unique” implies that there is nothing identical to the original and in nature, no two plants, natural features or animals are 100% identical, very much like a human’s fingerprints or DNA. There are always a few aspects which are totally singular.

Gardens and Design

“Design” refers to a well thought out, clearly defined template or structured plan, without haphazard elements. Gardens, in turn, have been desired and sought after for as long as mankind has communicated historical events to descendants and subsequent generations.

Eden and Babylonia

Biblically, the garden is where the history of mankind began, in Eden, reputedly a lush place where there was an abundance of everything for which one might wish in order to survive and live comfortably and happily, wanting for nothing. Even today, a verdant garden is often referred to as being a piece of Eden.

Later, when King Nebuchadnezzar ruled the Neo-Babylonian Empire from about 605 – 652 BC, he is said to have built the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon to comfort his Persian wife, who missed the lush vegetation of her homeland, further evidence of the value placed on gardens by ancient peoples, our forebears.


The garden has been defined as a plot of land on which various plants are installed, typically in proximity to a building. Initially, the purpose and function of such a cultivated outdoor space was purely functional, specifically as a convenient source for growing foods such as fruit, vegetables and herbs.

As man became more sophisticated, the garden evolved to become an aesthetic addition, incorporating flowers, decorative shrubs and trees to provide shade and degree of protection from the elements and seasonal inclement weather.

Styles and Fashions

Throughout the ages, styles and fashionable garden trends emerged, sometimes strictly formal, then again, more natural. However, even the most informal modern setting will benefit greatly from our expert design and landscaping service, no matter how tiny or extensive the property or what the preferred style may be.

We must emphasise the importance of securing a well-conceived design to avoid pitfalls and errors which could be costly and may even cause structural damage. Our expert planners are there to design a stunning, unique garden for you, suiting your requirements, property, soil conditions and lifestyle.

We will consult with you on site for a two hour period and provide a design and planting plan, as well as details of what, how, and how many plants will deliver the desired effect. All your healthy new plants are obtainable at wholesale prices from our growing nursery and plant farm, saving you a considerable amount of money.

Depending on the amount you spend, you will receive either a 50% or 100% discount on your consultation fee, thereby granting you a very affordable or totally free, competent, creative landscaping service and a unique garden design, tailor made just for you.


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