Variety of Plants for Sale at Wholesale Prices

For virtually any and every one, time is so precious and fuel is so costly these days that when one is shopping for most items, including plants, calling on a one-stop retailer or supplier, which offers a wide variety of goods for sale, simply makes the most sense, even when you just want to browse at your leisure, without buying immediately.

Speaking of browsing, it is a much loved pastime for many of our customers who love spending time collecting creative ideas and a variety of plants of outstanding quality, for which our growing nursery farm is known. Best of all, we are proud to offer all our plants for sale directly to the public (and the trade) at wholesale prices – a huge saving, enabling you to get more for your hard-earned money.

Establishing a New Garden

If you’ve recently bought and built a brand new home, you’ve already spent a considerable sum of money, but everything you want has not yet been accomplished. You may be faced with an expanse of soil, dust when it’s dry and windy, and mud after a typical Highveld summer rainstorm.

One thing is for certain – you need to establish a garden, ideally the one of your dreams. You may be fortunate, in possession of an extensive knowledge of plants.

Variety of Options

However, gardening may be something completely new to you; you’ve absolutely no idea how to start. For you (and experienced gardeners) we offer three options. You’re most welcome to pop in to our nursery in the Honeydew area, just on the western fringes of Johannesburg, where our expert assistants will be happy to guide and advise you.

Secondly, you may prefer to make use of our unique landscaping service, which places this speciality well within the budgets of most people. The service enables you to become an integral part of the creative process.

Last, but by no means least, browse our website’s pages, which have been designed to be easily navigated and contain a wealth of information about the enormous variety of plants which we have on sale, most of which we’ve cultivated ourselves, so that their health and quality are top notch.

Information on Plants at your Fingertips

Our trees and shrubs are classified as such, along with essential information about their growth and eventual average dimensions when fully grown, plus whether they’re indigenous or exotic, deciduous or evergreen, hardy or frost tender, and whether they prefer full sun or semi-shade. In addition, our handy website highlights various species and their maintenance.


We grow more than 50 tree species, which are classified as small, medium and large. Most trees feature a single trunk emerging from ground level, which thereafter form branches as they continue to grow taller. Shapes vary according to species.


Like trees, shrubs are also woody plants, usually of relatively low height, and having numerous branches sprouting from the base, rather than having a single main trunk. Shrubs and other smaller plants are classified as annuals or perennials. Some bear obvious flowers, whilst others feature discernible foliage only

Start Now

With the exception certain frost tender species, now is the best time to begin planning and beautifying your garden with your choice of our super variety of plants for sale, all at very competitive wholesale prices to suit your pocket.


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