Pay for a landscaping consultation and get your money back through your plant purchase.

Windy Willows is offering `free’ landscaping advice to members of the public who would like to upgrade their gardens and without having to take a second mortgage on the house. Pay R1 095 (before VAT) for a two hour consultation and we will send a landscaper to your house to plan the new garden with you. After the consultation we will supply you with a rough sketch of the new garden including what to plant, how many of each to plant, and where to plant.

Note: For consultations in the east rand; Vaal and Midrand areas the fee is R1 150 (before VAT).

The landscaping advice will deal with those tricky issues which often end up costing a lot of money such as:

  • which plants to plant in the front and which in the back;
  • how large each plant is likely to grow;
  • which like sun and which like shade;
  • which plants are frost sensitive and which are not;
  • which plants are suited to your area;
  • advice on planting of perennials vs. annuals;
  • which trees are suited to small gardens;
  • which trees have invasive root systems that are likely to damage foundations;
  • which trees and plants will attract bird and insect life;
  • how many of each plant are needed, and
  • how to prepare the flower beds including what to add to the soil.

For those who would like assistance with the planting we will quote separately for this.
Plants are sold directly from the wholesale nursery with no additional mark-up.

If you spend more than R6 000 you will receive half of your R1 095 or R1 150 fee back as a discount. If you spend R12 000 or more you will receive your whole fee back (R1 095 or R1 150) as a discount.

Contact us now for an appointment and watch your garden grow.

* Prices are adjusted on the 1st August each year.

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