Plant Stock Carried

Windy Willows is a Wholesale/ Growing Nursery. We grow 90% of the plants we sell on site in Honeydew. Located just 10km from Northgate shopping centre (at the Dome) we offer both the industry and members of the public and opportunity to buy directly from the farm.


A plug would generally cost between R2.75 and R4.56 (for a conifer plug), whereas a 1L plant would cost in the vicinity of R11.85 to R17.00 per plant (public prices). [Read more...]


Windy Willows grows a range of over 50 trees which are categorized as small, medium or large garden trees. The large garden trees generally have invasive root systems which cannot be planted within 3 to 4 meters of a house. [Read more...]


Shrubs can be defined as woody plants of relatively low height, having several stems arising from the base and lacking a single trunk. Common shrubs are plants like plumbago, abelia or tecomaria. Many shrubs are ideal for hedging (see hedging page) if they are pruned carefully into shape. Be careful not to prune before the shrub flowers or you will loose most of the benefit of growing a flowering shrub. [Read more...]

Hedging plants and creepers

Hedges can be used as a formal element when pruned back hard to show strong clean lines in the garden, or as a semi-formal element when allowed to grow to their natural shape and pruned lightly after flowering. Hedges can also be used as dividers in the garden to differentiate one landscape (or room) from another. The most common use of hedging is probably to ensure that relations with neighbours are kept at an even keel (good fences make good neighbours). [Read more...]


The term groundcover generally refers to low lying plants that provide an area of cover protecting the soil from erosion and drought and improving its aesthetic appearance. Groundcovers are often grown under shrubs or trees. [Read more...]

Tropical plants

A range of tropical plants are kept in stock which are well suited to shady gardens that do not get much frost in winter. Suburban gardens surrounded by walls and large trees generally provide adequate protection for most tropical plants. [Read more...]


Windy Willows keeps perennial herbs such as Rosemary, Lavender and Bay leaf trees. [Read more...]

Water wise plants

Water wise or drought resistant plants are generally used in sections of the garden that you may want want to water regularly. South Africa is a dry country with an average rainfall of less than 500 mm pa. A garden can consume between 30% and 50% of the total water used in a household. Planting water wise plants that need little additional watering can be a major saving for any household. [Read more...]

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