Exotic Plants

An exotic plant is generally thought to be a plant from a warm, tropical region. This would include tree ferns, palm trees, philodendrons (delicious monsters) and elephant ear plants. In general terms, an exotic plant is a plant that is not indigenous.

Exotic plants are sometimes confused with `alien invaders’. This is strictly incorrect. An alien invader is a plant that grows very vigorously to the point that it displaces indigenous plants. Plants are declared invaders where they threaten the existence of  indigenous plants. Apart from the threat to local flora, invaders often tend to use far more water than the better adapted natural vegetation.

In many instances the invasive alien plants have entered the country through gardeners who bring them in illegally due to their rapid growth, early maturity, disease and pest resistance, and prolific production of seeds. All of these qualities which make them popular to gardeners, also define them as alien invaders.

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