Plugs or seedlings are plants which are grown in trays for further propagation. A plug would have originated either from a seed, or from a cutting. Vegetables grown in plugs are for immediate transplanting into the vegetable garden.

Popular ground covers, such as dietes (wild iris) or agapanthus are often grown in plugs for mass planting on-site. If one is planting a few hundred agapanthuses on a pavement, planting of plugs is far more cost effective solution than planting 1 L or 4 L plants. A plug would generally cost between R2.96 and R5.50 (for a conifer plug), whereas a 1 L plant would cost roughly between R12.74 and R18.28 per plant (public prices).

Windy Willows grows and sells all of our top 100 plants in plugs. A fortnightly list of plugs is prepared and sent out to all our landscaping and nursery clients. If you would like to view our regular plugs list, please click here.

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For a list of our top 100 plants, please click here.

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