Wholesale Growing Nursery in Johannesburg

Trendsetting Nursery Offers Genuine Ongoing Wholesale Plant Prices

Few offers engender as much consumer or customer interest as does the mention of a sale – closing down, seasonal or otherwise in nature – plus bargain, reduced, discounted, special, cost or wholesale prices. Everyone loves a competitive deal, irrespective of their financial circumstances or status within their community.

Cost Savings for All Nursery & Landscaping Customers, All the Time

Our growing plant nursery in the Honeydew area on the outskirts of Johannesburg offers wholesale prices

to all of our customers, both those within our industry and the public, all year round, all the time.

Moreover, our unique method of providing affordable, professional landscaping services presents

additional cost saving opportunities, details of which can be found elsewhere on this website.

Explore Different Special Offers

Although the terms which indicate that a business is offering their merchandise at a price which is lower than usual or that of the average charged by competitors are often used interchangeably, each has its own distinct meaning and is typically somewhat different from similar others. So, let’s take a closer look at these concepts.


“Sale” may mean that one or more items are available for purchase, or that prices are reduced below the norm, either for a limited, specified period, or while stocks last, possibly when they intend discontinuing a current line of goods. In consumer markets that stock seasonal goods, unsold merchandise is often sold for less towards the end of the particular season, generally summer or winter.

A “closing down” sale indicates that the concern intends to cease its current operation or may be closing the doors at its present premises, prior to a move to new quarters. Selling reduced/discounted prices may be introduced in order to move merchandise for which there has been little previous demand – so-called “dead” stock.

Suppliers’ Special Offers

Alternatively, the manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor may temporarily reduce the price at which they supply merchandise to the retailer, who passes this cut on to customers. It’s also another method with which to attract additional business and attract more shoppers, who may possibly purchase full-priced goods too.

Bulk Savings

Discounts are frequently conditional in nature. Buy more than one item and pay for fewer than the total number acquired. This encourages customers to bulk up their overall purchase, whilst increasing sales volumes for the retailer.

Specials are just that – they are especially attractive, representing noteworthy cost savings. Buying merchandise in bulk/bigger quantities, equating to a lesser unit price, also usually conforms to this type of special offer, but not always. So, do the maths before you part with your hard-earned money.


Generally speaking, the public does not have access to wholesalers’ or wholesale prices. Typically, wholesalers purchase items from manufacturers or growers, then sell and distribute the merchandise to retailers, from which the public buy. Each role player has a mark-up on their cost price, in order to remain financially viable.

At our nursery, we stock more than 200 varieties of trees, shrubs, ground covers and herbs, most of which we cultivate and grow ourselves, prior to offering these healthy specimens for sale – at wholesale prices – throughout the year.

It’s simply the best, most cost-effective way for public and trade customers to acquire top-quality, affordable plants for gardens across the Johannesburg region – directly, absolutely without applying sales gimmicks.


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