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Tips From a Leading Wholesale Growing Nursery to Get Your Garden Summer-Ready

Spring is in full swing, which means summer is at our doorstep. Whether you are dreaming of an outdoor oasis filled with birds, bees and butterflies, or a garden filled with a bounty of vegetables and herbs, the time to start getting your garden summer-ready is now. As the leading wholesale growing nursery in Johannesburg that have been helping businesses and homeowners develop and beautify their outdoor spaces for years, here are our top four summer-ready garden tips:

#1 Get the lawnmower and tools ready

Just like the knives of a chef, your garden tools are important, from pruners and cutting tools, brushes and rakes, spades and digging tools, wheelbarrows and forks, to lawn mower blades.

#2 Get your soil ready and mulch

Your soil is very important and can be the determining factor of a good or a bad harvest, which is why you need to prepare it before planting new plants. In addition, some plants take to high-nutrient soil more than others, and others prefer a more clayish soil. Before purchasing plants, do your homework and learn a little about the type of soil a particular tree or plant prefers. A mandatory ritual with benefits that make it worth the effort is to start by breaking up clods of soil, raking, aerating and then mulching. Mulching is very important and not only does it add nutrition to soil, but it also moderates soil temperature fluctuations and keeps weeds from germinating around new plants. What can you use as mulch? Grass clippings, wood or bark chips, decaying leaves, compost, peat moss, straw or pebbles.

#3 Prune and divide perennials

Just as important as it is to plant new trees and shrubs, is trimming, shaping and pruning them. Rejuvenating and stimulating growth, pruning boosts trees with extra root and energy reserves, supporting new growth on the remaining branches as well as allowing them to heal over the coming growing season. Also, do not forget to divide your perennials and move them to aerated high-nutrition mulched beds.

#4 Weed your beds and choose your new plants wisely

Just like your home, no one wants to live in an environment invaded by intruders. Not only can weeds hinder plant growth, they can turn a beautifully polished garden into a chaotic space. Spring and summer are seasons of growth, which means you have to weed your beds at least once a week. Now that you understand the importance of weeding, it is imperative that you understand the importance of choosing plants wisely. While we all love a garden filled with arum lilies, roses, daisies and peach trees, plants and trees have to be matched to their environment. Taking climate, soil, water usage and companion planting into consideration, decide what will work best and then only purchase those plants and trees.

If you are looking for a wholesale growing nursery in Johannesburg that can help you develop your outdoor space this spring and summer, contact the team at Windy Willows. From annuals, groundcovers, plugs, perennials, wildflowers, ornamentals, shrubs, herbs and vines to bulbs, we stock over 200 indigenous and exotic plants.


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