Wholesale Nursery in Johannesburg Offers Clients More Than 200 Choices

Serving retailers and the gardening public alike, the Windy Willows wholesale nursery carries one of the widest selections of plants in Johannesburg. At our extensive premises in Honeydew customers can browse among our vast collection of both indigenous and exotic plants and, if there is anything that they are not too sure about, they can just pop into our office for some free guidance from one of our horticultural experts.

Quality means everything to our team and so, when they deal with us, our clients know that they are guaranteed healthy specimens that have been maintained in the manner required to adapt them to local conditions. As well as the assurance of quality we know too that, in the current economy, good value is equally important and so you are certain to be pleasantly surprised at the unusually competitive prices for which the Windy Willows wholesale nursery has become equally well-known in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas.

The many available choices include groundcovers, perennials, trees, shrubs and herbs. Among these, both the amateur and commercial gardener should have no difficulty in finding numerous varieties that are suitable for growing in most conditions from full sunlight to constant shade, from sandy soils to clay and just about every combination in between.

For new plantings, our range of plugs (many may refer to these as seedlings) offers an alternative to those often frustrating and far lengthier attempts to grow plants from seed. It also represents an inexpensive way in which to quickly add some foliage and perhaps some colour to a flower bed with the minimum of effort.

In addition to providing stock for use by professional landscapers, our wholesale nursery in Johannesburg is also able to provide support to those among the public who may wish to tackle this type of project on a DIY basis. For a nominal fee, we undertake a consultation that includes a physical inspection of the proposed location following which we will make our recommendations with regards to the most suitable plant choices and a sketch of the suggested layout. Naturally, we would like you to obtain the proposed plant stock from us and so, to sweeten the deal, we also offer a discount of up to 100% of the consultancy fee depending on the total value of your purchase. Should you wish it, we can also quote you for the cost of providing someone to undertake the planting for you.

As stated, our wholesale nursery in Johannesburg deals both in indigenous and exotic plants, each of which have their own attraction. Many of the more exotic species may tend to provide a more flamboyant display of florescence that can add a touch of the unique. Indigenous plants, on the other hand, offer other qualities. While they can be equally good to look at, they are also attractive to many local species of birds and insects. Among the latter is the vitally important bee population upon which so many plant species depend for pollination and whose numbers have been showing a serious decline during recent years.

Whether selling plants is your business or you just love them for their beauty and the joy of caring for them, Windy Willows is the wholesale nursery of choice in Johannesburg.


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